Selasa, 01 Juli 2008


Driving cross-city to the timing of the traffic lights allows pondering:
1. How is it we have a language that offers up ticklish and licorice and they rhyme? What about Asian and nation? - Those two do, too.
2. Is there a legitimate reason America never went metric?
3. Why is negative news so popular and yet we hear public pleas for good news reports (and reporting)consistently and to every medium?
4. Where is my duff? I really do want to get off of it.
5. Why do we re-use words for different things: grain of sand, grain of the wood, grain of wheat, as an example. Still we can make up nonsense words all the time, Google being one.
6. How long was one of God's days when he created everything?
7. Do people who make up recipes instinctively know that when they make it it will turn out all right or close to all right, or does it take a zillion attempts?
8. Why can't women's outdoor wear be as sturdy, long-lasting, and practical as men's?
9. Are we there yet?

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