Selasa, 08 Juli 2008


It's a jackpot day - there are 4 comments on one entry. YEA!

Well, I'm not going to turn this into an "about my mom" blog. But there are some folks who have an interest in her goings-on. So here's a brief update.

We've cleaned out my mom's studio apartment - most of the heavy lifting being done by Ed and me or Ed and Al or Ed and Diane. I've already SOLD a few things. Double jackpot! There's little else to save for us at this point in time; we have all we need and have our memory items so now others can benefit from the functional stuff. In the meantime she is settling into the nursing home with fewer and fewer belongings, worries, and cares.

She (my mom) was sleeping when I went over to visit. That's always a time to consider, to wake or not to wake her up...I did not. She loves sleeping and is working very hard to make it her main occupation. At the same time, what if I need to tell her something?

The fact is, there's nothing I need to tell her. She's heard all she needs to hear. The rest is just for me to figure out. That's why I let her sleep. Maybe that's how folks get to rest in peace! :-)

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