Jumat, 25 Juli 2008

Get Fresh With Me

We are enjoying the frontrunners of our tomato crop. Pot grown, tiny gems we can pop into our mouths while the sun's warmth is still on them. We don't need to rinse them; we know where they've been!
And, from the Farmer's Market we have had fresh beets - yummmm and green beans. I haven't cooked the green beans yet but they have been in the fridge for days and there's not a speck of bean rust on them.
Makes ya wonder what stuff looks like when it gets picked far, far away. Beans from a store start to 'turn' in a day or two. Produce must just get here, get stacked with the rest of their own kind, and set in to rot away. Oh, well. It just means we're more careful about picking out what is good and knowing when we will eat it!
Eat fresh, often!

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