Rabu, 30 April 2008

Ramblings about Computers

There's a comic strip I've kept nearby that is hilarious. It's only 3 panels so I can describe it to you. It's "Mutts". The heading in the first panel reads "The Mighty Sphinx sees all, knows all." and below it is a dog with an Egyptian head cover. Next is a chipmunk or some small critter asking, "Tell me, oh Mighty Sphinx, how did you find the weather in Egypt?". Sphinx replies in panel 3, "I just went outside and there it was.".

This offers many themes! I could ramble about the weather, dogs' wisdom, simplicity, seeing what's in front of us, seeking answers. But heck, it's just funny.

Life brought challenges this week. We have two PCs, a laptop and desktop. Our desktop is aging and so treated with greater care. Translate to "backed up often". Then our "provider" decided to upgrade our email service. Usually when I think of the word "provider" I associate it with care, thoughtful, giving, etc. Well, I suspect they tried. Over the course of 12 hours, an overnight job, the firm got everything far enough out of whack that it has taken an additional four days to bring the email accounts back up. And, on the desktop it appears nothing has changed.

However, we were having a problem with the desktop that was reported to me by my hubby, after he used it and after he changed the mouse batteries. No web site would stay loaded; everything flirted with him then went back to the home page. How could the email/access provider manage to do this?! It meant I (or he) could not use the desktop to check to see if the email improvements had been accomplished or not. I had even set up a gmail account and now could not check that.

Alas, the laptop came into play. Here's where it gets even more voodoo-ey. The laptop starts up and runs just fine and yesterday displays a new and apparently improved version of email. My issues with plain text and HTML must have been common issues for they no longer exist. There is a curvier look to the whole thing so it appears a graphics person worked on it to give it a more aesthetic look. Fine. I even had mail although they indicated some that was sent might not show up but not to worry it will be uploaded in time. OK. I used this new email. We oooed and ahhhed like Oprah.

Back to the desktop, two hours of phone support later and nothing has changed. I was informed my browser was corrupt. Reinstall. I knew the process but for the life of me was not sure how I was going to get to the browser download if I couldn't get the web site where it is to stay active. But, pardon me, that was my problem. I spent a couple hours fiddling with it, tried using a competing browser, uninstalled my preferred browser. Not a fix.

Then, Ed, did I mention my hubby in this? announces that he may have pushed a button down on the mouse, "See?", and it stuck. GOOD GLORY. I reached for a computer tool (the almighty modified paper clip), jabbed the stuck button gently, released it from the bondage, and voila, everything was golden again, web site wise.

The email remains a mystery for now that we could go to the account using the desktop the email appears unchanged. And the messages stored there are not the same ones that came in on the laptop. Mind you, it is a single account, the two PCs are networked together.

Somebody is playing with me. Have pity. I'm easily confused and I know what I'm doing with the computers. OK, that's a stretch. I'm not afraid to do what needs to be done and I have a fairly decent understanding of tasks, logic, do's and don'ts. The real test will come when I go back to the laptop and open up the email there to see if it has changed back to the old way. If it has then we'll know the upgrade failed. If it is "new" and the desktop is "old" I remain mystified and will be entering counseling.


Many forms of meditation or worry management include giving up "troubles". Some suggest writing them out and putting them in a basket or bowl set aside somewhere in the house or moving through them in some mental sense. Well, if you are concerned about the energy or "chi" in your home the basket/bowl doesn't flow. Imagine how stuck that out of the way place would be! And, moving through them in meditation may be tough because the troubles may linger. That leaves prayer.

Today we say goodbye to our friend Kim, with prayers to lift her family up and that her life be a celebration. May her young sons see the joy she brought to them and not live in a shadow but let their own lights shine to honor her.

Briefly, today, appreciate your life.

Selasa, 29 April 2008

Tarot Study Week One- The Fool

I am hosting a study group for an online forum on tarot, and figured I'd post it here as well for anyone interested. If you'd like to receive a tarot reading from me, you can contact me at youmakelovinfun@comcast.net

It's tarot study group time. I'm going to go through the cards one by one each week and post their meanings (borrowing descriptions from learntarot.com). This will be based on a classic tarot deck, and I am going to specifically use the Rider Waite, however there are many decks that use the same pattern. If you do not use a classic deck, there will still be broad information in here you can use as well. I'll start each week with a post about tarot tips, and the second post will be a description about the card. I will post a third time with what the card means to me when I see it, and then we can discuss. I encourage you to post how you feel when you see the card and what you notice in the picture.

Cleansing and storing your cards-

Since this is our first week and there will be people who are learning for the first time, this week will be about cleansing and storing cards (already posted on Jenny's thread).

Once you have obtained a deck, whether you have purchased it or it was gifted to you, you should cleanse and store them properly. I like to use sage to cleanse my cards, but I feel that any incense will do. Use the burning sage or incense and run your cards through the smoke one by one while you cleanse them. This will remove any energy that had been a part of your cards so that you can fill them with your own energy.

Cards should be stored in a wooden box or in a silk wrap and kept near you while you sleep- under your pillow is sufficient. This is not always necessary, but when you first receive the cards it helps to fill them with your energy.

There are 78 tarot cards in total. 22 of these cards are major arcana cards. Major arcana cards signify a major life event and something that I believe is a destiny. 56 of the cards are Minor arcana cards (very similar to a deck of playing cards, and some people used to use playing cards to read the tarot). Minor arcana cards signify smaller life happenings and day to day life. We will start with learning the Major arcana.


entering a new phase
striking out on a new path
expanding horizons
starting something new
beginning an adventure
going on a journey
heading into the unknown

being spontaneous
living in the moment
letting go of expectations
doing the unexpected
acting on impulse
feeling uninhibited
surprising someone
feeling carefree

having faith
trusting the flow
staying open
letting go of worry and fear
feeling protected and loved
living in joy
recapturing innocence

embracing folly
accepting your choices
taking the "foolish" path
pursuing a pipe dream
being true to yourself
taking a "crazy" chance
trusting your heart's desire

As Card 0, the Fool lies at the beginning of the major arcana, but also somewhat apart from the other cards. In medieval courts, the court jester was someone who was not expected to follow the same rules as others. He could observe and then poke fun. This makes the Fool unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the unlimited potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. There is a sense with this card that anything goes - nothing is certain or regular. The Fool adds the new and unfamiliar to a situation.

The Fool also represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him and brings him joy. In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction - one that will guide you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem.

We are all going to interpret the cards a little bit differently, and that's ok. There are some basic interpretations when you read the tarot (these are the things you can look up), however this knowledge is not exactly necessary in my opinion. I think a feeling you get from a card or a vision is going to mean so much more than what you can look up in a reference book. Sometimes the interpretation from the reference book doesn't resonate with you, and in that case I would always go with how you feel about it. I highly suggest only reading for yourself if you're a beginner until you feel more comfortable reading for others. It took me 8 years to get to a point where I felt ok reading for other people.

When I see the fool, I see a young (or young hearted) person that is excited to begin life's journey. Maybe a little ignorant at times, but with a very pure heart. In the image, you see a young person standing on the edge of a cliff...I feel like that person is unafraid standing so close to a cliff. Not uptight. The sun is shining bright yellow...it is very joyful. The querant seems very carefree.

This is what I get from just *looking* at the card. If the card was in relation to other cards, I may see something else (we'll get into reading multiple cards together later though).

What do you see in the fool?

Minggu, 27 April 2008

Ya Think?

Gosh, almighty, is it possible that a person who can get so close to nature can be so frustrated by life's goings on?
This has been such a miserable few days for so many out-of-control reasons. A run like this makes one stop and think. So I do. And, I go take pictures. You're looking at "innertulip" and "barking up a tree".
The tulip is for a friend who died Saturday, at 41, leaving two sons, 8 and 6. Her battle had been long and dreadful so she is in a better place.

The tree bark is for the 115 dogs taken from a mis-managed kennel in another county, all now needing good, caring homes. Fortunately APL has been swamped with offers to foster and adopt. Unfortunately they did not anticipate the interest level and chaos has reigned there for four days.
I have vowed to not use this venue as a venting (oooouuu - 3 V words!) place. Sorry. Briefly, grant me that moment. Instead let's all not forget to breathe as we walk along life's path. Be thankful that Kim has peace and comfort, that her children will be taken care of and although there is a vast hole in their lives they will see routine again. Be thankful that the public, in spite of tough economic times, is responsive and compassionate. Perhaps I am just talking to myself again, at least about these specifics.
Surely you have reasons galore to be thankful. Happy April Thanksgiving! Why not?


See the faces of spring above. It's time to start taking new pictures and here's the first go-around! Some of the old ones, having been stored for months appear new again since they've not been viewed for a while. These are all new. We went to the zoo yesterday to get cheered up.

The bear with the box label - gotta love it. "Human Food" shows up but originally the flap read "Not Human Food". Honestly, do we need to be told that food delivered to a zoo, with an internal address of Bear Den, is not to be consumed by us. Are we that, well, choose one: hungry or stupid.

Bottoms Up!
Age places tricks on all of us and I have fallen victim to not knowing how to coordinate my eye wear and my view finder. YES, I can use the larger viewing panel to format and shoot a shot. However, I'm "old school" - used to a film* camera, just like I'm used to paper** books. All too often the shot I want is modified by the time I take it, if it is of moving objects. Thus, I have some interesting digital images that are memorable to me but no one else because I can remember what was supposed to be in the shot!

* film - comes on a spool, has to be loaded into a camera, removed, processed, and THEN you see the photos
** paper - a means of providing reading material, such as a book, in a format which can be held in your hands, allowing easy flipping back and forward to favorite parts or to see how a book ends before you read to the end.

Selasa, 22 April 2008

Sally Sofa-Sitter Stays

My name is Kate and I am a dog-aholic. And, I am married to one. Our case is hopeless. But our house is happy! After 3 months of fostering Sally, FKA Venus, we have decided this is the place for her. She is happy with our other dogs. We took a vote. End of discussion. I don't want to hear about it from any of you. Couldn't hear you over the clicking nails on the floor or the barking to go for a walk anyway.

More seriously though - With THINGS as they are re: The American Dream, if you have it within your own power, adopt a pet. Benefits: You save a small life; you stay home more so spend less on gas and trivial entertainment; someone loves you no matter what; you fulfill at least one need; you have a subject to study, observe, challenge, learn from, teach; your health improves (another savings); you get more exercise and have an icebreaker when you meet people; security and safety. There are more. You'll figure them out when you get a critter. They are all-knowing and wise. Since most of us will never live in a culture which exists on fulfilling basic needs we must rely on what is available here. Pets have a simple way of stripping off the pallid veneer and getting right to the intensely richness of life. We Americans bitch (not the dog word) and moan about difficulties. Want to be happier? Take a dog for a walk and see how excited it is to be with you and share the world. Put a cat on your lap and listen to the contented purr.

Unfortunately there are going to be more and more pets losing their homes because of so many excuses. That's a shame. We all need something to hold onto.

Where Did I Put My Blog?

Okay, the blog is where it always is. But what about the *^#) password? Well, who needs it? Finally my request to "recognize" me out here, has been granted by My Machine, or theirs. So now when I go somewhere, like that will happen with gas being liquid gold, I will need to dig out the password if I want to blog (will I?). There's just no pleasing some people.

Speaking of which (people, pleasing, blog - take your pick), I am VERY pleased to announce the publication of my WISH LIST. After all, isn't that one good reason to keep a blog: letting everyone have a piece of your mind? I could write it down and use it as a bookmark or something equally as vapid. But, here's the whole world, able to tune in and hear me out, only with their eyes not their ears, at this point.

So, blog WISH LIST ta-da!

1. More people with personal relationships with God
2. Improved personal relationship with God for myself
3. Less talk on my part
4. More action on my part
5. Better understanding of all the "other guys"
6. No more whine-y Americans

Am I dreaming? No, I can actually do something about the first 5 which is a sign of advancement or maturity. A few decades ago I would have yearned for "World Peace" and "End Hunger" - both which are awesome but lofty and apparently unachievable. My inspiration, FYI, would not have been "Gee, what will I say if I am a finalist in the Miss Anything contest?"

While making lists, how about one that addresses the title of this article? Where did I put my blog?

1. On the back of the toilet
2. Near the phone
3. In the car
4. Where it belongs
5. Left at the library

Oh, that would be my glasses, my car keys, my purse, the book I am reading, a myriad of other things. If you are nodding now you're in the same world of hurt I am in. Clearly my blog, like the force, is with me.

Senin, 21 April 2008

Goods From the Woods

My uncle Brad has an awesome new business:

Goods From The Woods

He's amazing at what he does and I encourage you to check it out!

Sabtu, 12 April 2008


Life can be so confusing. Yes, it beats the alternative. But in the course of a week so much can happen and yet, so little be done. Perhaps my confusion now comes from a puzzling coincidental collision of the book EAT, PRAY, LOVE with our small group study of religions and cults of the world. We American (not a religion, not a cult, I know) have a great deal to learn and apply. Try has we do to think and believe in a very humble, very uncluttered way, it seems that every nook and cranny fights against us being able to do that. We are busy making things happen and externally it appears that means things are getting done. But at what cost, at what sacrifice, of what importance?

I used to think "that" was the most over-used word, and it may be. Then I thought "love" as the most mis-applied word, and it may be. Now I think "need" is the most exaggerated word. What do we really need? What do YOU crave?

EAT, PRAY, LOVE is far from a favorite book. I don't "get" why she's got the following she has. But parts are brilliantly constructed and there's space enough to read between the lines. She visits places where people have a terrific sense of living and of life. And, everywhere she goes there is nothing close to what we have in this country, not materially, not in freedoms. Yet, these countries' people (perhaps not their governmental authorities) appear justifiably happy, content, respectful, secure, faithful, blessed, appreciative, peaceful. At one point she comments that everyone appears to be working but each person has enough time to stop and greet her as she moves down the path. Shamefully, how many of us even think about doing that.

Her Indonesian buddy instructs, "Sit and smile" as a form of meditation. Look at that word - how close it is to medication! Hmmmm.

Start today. Sit and smile. Smile big. Smile till it touches the inside of you and the tickle you feel stays with you all day.

Kamis, 10 April 2008

Summer's closing in on us! Calendar of awesome events!

4/18/08 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (Mount Vernon) Come support my local economy! ;)

5/23-5/26 Northwest Folk Life Festival
(Seattle Center)

8/7-8/10 Flowmotion Summer Meltdown Festival(Darrington)

8/21-9/1 Evergreen State Fair

8/30-9/1 Bumbershoot (Seattle Center)

I haven't seen any spectacular concerts coming up...Jack Johnson is coming to the Gorge on 8/22 which may be a worthwhile trip. Yes is coming on 8/15 as well. I will come back and post if there are any other concerts worth mentioning.

Happy Summer Time!

Jumat, 04 April 2008

Gratitude Day

How blessed are you? No doubt you have some amazing friends. Be astonished at what they accomplish! It's not the stuff they have or you have. It's not the places any of you have visited. It's what resides in your heart and inspires you and your friends that keep you together, keep you appreciative.
There is much to question these days but stability should be recognized also. We are called upon to combine trips so we spend less on fuel. Going "Green" is getting its long overdue recognition. I'm not talking about extremes but simple, logical and practical measures. Good grief, this is where we live and we should take care of it. I digress.
Today, be grateful for your friends. Need inspiration about how to discover their wonders? Read on.
I've linked up with a previous business acquaintance, thanks to Animal Protective League. We've only done a couple of things that are related and really not worked together. However, in emailing, she has revealed to me a ministry she has created.
Boldly she states she is a Christian first and an animal-lover second. She declares she cares deeply about where people spend eternity. WOW. Now, here it comes - she is not very good talking to people about it. Who among us agrees so far? (me, for sure).
God has given her the grace she needs to bring it all together. She and volunteers are taking pets/animals to lost and lonely people for visits. During the time together they talk about God creating and caring for all critters. The benefits run deep. The animals have an outing that helps socialize them and keep them happy, the visited person has company, gets to cuddle a critter, hears the message, and the volunteer is blessed beyond belief.
You just never know what your friends are up to...and I mean that in terms of what they are doing and what they are capable of doing.
Go find out.