Sabtu, 27 September 2008

The Good Life

We lolly-gagged around TWICE this week. Oh, not for entire days but for hours within each of the two days. Long enough to test the puppy's ability to stay inside and be "good". She's getting the hang of it.

The first day we drove off to the local orchard, one we have watched grow from a roadside stand to a school field trip destination. We know this because we finished up just as the loaded cars and vans were pulling in, students, cameras, and enthusiasm all bundled together for the adventure. We chose to go on our own field trip, exploring southwest of where we were at that point.

We found another orchard. They keep goats. That's so much more fun than just looking over the apples and the jarred jams, jellies, and preserves, pretty as they may be. We agreed goats would be great in our yard. Less mowing required. VERY entertaining.

On we went.

We found a house for sale and drove in to check out the setting. Lovely. Lots of outbuildings. A fenced in area for goats. We wrote down the number to call. (We got the info. We love where we live.)

Our destination was Beaver Dam State Park. Non-Illinoisans need to know we run the risk of having the State Parks and other public areas closed by our governor as a political gesture. So we're going while we can. We didn't see a beaver or its dam but we saw lots more. Picked out the best campsites for our non-existent camper. Checked out the 150 yr old RR station building. Saw the cafe/bait

Wednesday must be mowing day. People in almost every village, and the park, were mowing. We let it slide. We thought about the goats.


Fast forward to today and its adventures. We went to the Farmers Market EARLY and at 10:00 I led members of a reading group to the Convent. I was the IS Mgr there. It's true. Anyway, the group had read BIRTH OF VENUS and wanted to see a beautiful church and there is one there, indeed. I love to talk about "...after I left the Convent..." Heads do turn. But I give myself away by not knowing enough the Catholic faith to uphold the raised eyebrows on those

Anyway, after the tour I swung by and gathered Ed up and off we went to see alpacas, their watchdogs and watch-llamas, and later,cars! What a delightful afternoon. We learned how time-consuming working with the fleece is. The alpacas are a breeze to work with though. They, too, eat grass.

Now we are thinking, goats AND alpacas? And, llamas. We've always loved llamas.

The cars were those whose owners are in town for the Rte 66 Festival-quite the deal in this city. In fact the downtown area was totally blocked off for the fancy cars. See for yourself.

Yes, we put aside the ships of change that will sail from some port after November. We chose to believe life today, this instant is good and we are fortunate and grateful. We are thankful for blessings and trials both. We know the glass can be half empty but we do our best to see it as half full.

We don't live in Camelot but this IS what the simple folk do!

Look at these photos.

This little guy was with a Cobra!
Here's the Funny Car driven by our neighbor, on the national racing circuit. I was part of Web Services @ LRS.

How could the glass be anything but at least half full?


And, here she is, at 8 1/2 weeks, next to the same foot as she was by at 7 weeks. Sure the shoe is different but it's easy to see she's growing. She is a good pup, plays well with others. Favors fingers and toes over chew toys...that has to change.

Selasa, 23 September 2008

You've Got Mail

Today was going to be a "no write" day.
Then, after a full day of APL, Mom, waterproofing the deck, APL, I drive home and see a worthy topic.
There is a princess, perched on the piping that held her family's mailbox. I know she is a princess because she waves to her subjects. Plus, she has her crown/tiara on, in case her subjects mistake her for someone else.
I speed home to get the camera (Darn. I usually try to have it with me.). When I get back, it is one mile round trip, she'd gone inside. Oh, well. The photo wasn't meant to be. Not to worry - I got some shots of a tree fungus right at sundown.
But what the picture in my mind did do was trigger memories.
When I was a child we waited for our parents to come home from work. Sometimes that seemed to take hours, the time between school being out, the walk home, and mom or dad arriving home. And we couldn't wait. We shook with excitement, actually GLAD to see them. We had rituals that included everyone sitting down to dinner together and discussing the day. Oh, my!
Do you remember being asked how your day was, by one of your parents? Wow! The answers you had to come up with to make it worthy. A skinned knee from a bike race, a great record out by Connie Francis, a substitute teacher...oh, it's endless. And, they always were interested in what you had to say.
I can't help but think that today was special for this youngster. After all, she had her crown on her head. But then, isn't every day special?
Wouldn't we all love to come home to a princess at the mailbox, waving madly at us, as if we are the only reason she exists?
Ahhhhhh. I hope her family captured the moment on film. Or on digital. (That just doesn't sound the same.)

Senin, 22 September 2008

Vision Board 9/22/2008

It's not exactly Treasure Mapping time, but I'm feeling an urge to create a vision board of the things I'd like to occur in the next...oh six months or so. I think it's important to not only think out your goals, but to visualize them into existence. With so many happenings going on for me right now, this will be a good way to map out my thoughts and ideas.

So without further ado....

We will be moving in the next month or so. I am manifesting the perfect house for us (see details in the post below), and I am also manifesting all the money we need to move into that house.

I know this is totally random, but I have always really wanted a vw bus. I would rather have one instead of my car right now, and it seems practical. I don't think I'll ever drive a minivan, but I would like to have more kids- so it makes sense to have a car that'll hold more than two kids, right? Maybe I could even get one and convert it to bio-diesel? Or even better yet, maybe I can find someone selling one that is already bio-diesel?!

I want to continue being diligent about doing yoga (even after I leave my job to be home with my kids!) I've been doing it twice a week now. Once I'm home with my kids, I want to start them in on doing yoga with me. It's very refreshing and I feel exhilirated doing it :)

Once I'm home, I want to spend time working on crafts and hobbies. I've been so busy taking care of kids and working, that I haven't had any time for myself. That's about to change!!! I'm going to keep teaching myself to sew, and play guitar, and keep learning to cook (which I'm getting better and better at!), and garden, and anything my heart desires! I love crafty things! Maybe I'll even get a niche and set up an etsy shop.

I want Jake's business to become more and more successful, as well as his position within the company he's already at!!!!

Perhaps there'll be a part two to this...Hmm. But for now, so it is!!!!

Minggu, 21 September 2008

Helen Reddy Got It Right

There are a few blogs I read regularly. At least one disturbs me and one other inspires me. I like being inspired. Isn't it nice? There's a Goethe quote about knowing someone somewhere who makes of this world a garden. That's how this person is. I've never met her. She plants flowers in my garden that otherwise would never grow because we are in different growing regions! But whenever I read her entries I want to write.
I have a friend in MN who brings out the same connectivity even though we haven't seen each other in years. Really. Years. There is another in MO who does so many quirky things I look like a toad sitting still. There are the workers and volunteers at the animal shelter - devotion and sacrifice are their trademarks. And, a cousin in CA who is surrounded by her offspring and their offspring and loves it. These are females. I'm a male-centric female who was surrounded by males in a male-dominated industry so these women are really special. They broke through and reached me.
I moan about and mourn lost friends, gone for a variety of reasons.
Tonight I realize how tied I am to these new and old relationships and how grateful I am for them, how surprised I am by them, what a fool I have been for underestimating them, and how I love them.
I hope everyone is blooming!javascript:void(0)
Thank you. It is time to ROAR!

Sabtu, 20 September 2008

Tripp's Big Day

The day started with a trip with Tripp.
Springfield has a Farmers' Market and the coordinators agreed to let the APL Donation Dogs come down to raise funds. It was Tripp's turn.
He is such a charmer.
He averaged $55/hour! Not bad for a brief gig. It's easy for me. I stand back and let it happen; he does the hard part. He sits to let people put the money in his vest (most of the time). He loves every person who approaches him...well, there was a homeless person who was asking me for money and Tripp was adamant about NOT letting him close to me. Ouch. I think it was the scent of whiskey. Ouch. He doesn't mean it; he's just watching out for his caregiver.
Now, he sleeps.
It is a dog's life.

Jumat, 19 September 2008

voter angst

Today I learned Barack Obama is part of the problem in Washington, D.C.
I learned that from John McCain.
Today I learned John McCain is part of the problem in Washington, D.C.
I learned that from Barack Obama.

Darn. Now what?

Selasa, 16 September 2008

CATS CATS and more CATS - You see 'em here first!

There are cats at APL.
They need homes.

Here are some which will soon appear on the web site but don't wait.
Go see who is there already and waiting for a home.


Go to this site and click to feed the hungry.
Then select "animals" on the right tab and click to feed them.

Here She Is - Brighton, the Foster Pup

Well, isn't she just a doll? We think she is only 7 weeks old. Yes, she does sleep through the night - at least the first night. We put the old dogs in with her to keep her company! There is a squeal that she lets loose when she's wanting attention. Pretty good about going outside for all the right reasons too.

She was dumped.
Left in the country near a storm drain.
We have had record rains.
People who live nearby heard her exercising her lungs after their own dogs notified them that "something is out there".

She's with us for probably 15-20 days and then I hope she gets a great home.

Selasa, 09 September 2008

Time to Manifest a House Again!

Well folks, it's time to ramble on. I have experienced the contrast of living in the house I'm in, so now I can refine what it is that I want in a new house...

I need a house with at least two bedrooms and one bathroom. I really want something quaint and cottage like, with a woodsy secluded feel. Well insulated and double pane windows are a must! A fireplace would be lovely. Here's just a couple examples for you Universe:

I want a large kitchen with nice, easy to clean appliances (including a dishwasher!). There needs to be room for Jake and I to cook together, because that is one of our favorite past times!

I need a nice bathroom with an EASY TO CLEAN bathtub. Think cute and spa like. There needs to be a fan so it stays nice and dry :)

And we will also need a whimsical garden that I can frolick in with my children. We just love to frolick.

And it has to of course be in the right location with the right price!!!!

And so it is!

Senin, 08 September 2008

School Has Started

Our team of volunteers went back to school today to begin the SIT STAY READ program. Each of us takes a dog or puppy from the shelter. Once there we spend an hour having 4th graders read to us. We change readers every 12 minutes.

And, we love it.

The students get to interact with a critter. They work on reading skills; the dogs never critter-cize them! The dogs get some socialization.

Our school has many students who have unfortunate home settings. This is one chance for them to have two breathing souls focus only on them.

I mean in a positive way.

One of my readers today is in a foster home because her biological mother beat the crap out of her. She came to school this year and told her teacher, "This year I'm going to be normal."

Let's hope so.

Sabtu, 06 September 2008


This was my day to have THREE puppies at the dog adoption. I knew they would never last the entire three hours; young pups never do.

Little did I suspect that one would not feel good.

One fella began feeling puny soon after he arrived. He was warm. He was shivering and laying up against the puppy playpen. I picked him up and kept him close to me noting how hot he was growing and that his nose was drying.

Fortunately we were at a place where there was a vet. Oliver went inside to have his temperature taken and it was high.

He, his adopted sister, and I headed back to the shelter during the first hour. While we were gone his other brother was adopted.

But, Oliver has parvo. So now the brother and sister have to be watched closely. If they have it they will be back at the shelter for treatments.

Thank goodness we caught it and can treat him; he WILL make it through and be well.

We've seen so much parvo at the shelter that tomorrow and in Oct and Nov we are holding clinics just to inoculate against it.

Dog owners - Get your dogs examined and be sure they are up to date on their shots. Parvo is indiscriminate. It is a vicious killer.

"Parvo-virus is the number one killer of small puppies. The signs are listlessness, blood in the stool and then the next day bloody stool that looks like someone emptied a bottle of ketchup in the run. By then, it's too late."

Parvovirus is highly contagious, though not to humans. If you have other dogs, separate them from the dog which has parvo.

It gets in their toys, their food, and even on the ground.

Parvovirus is the most contagious killer dog virus in history and the virus can last in and around your house for 6-10 months.


Tonight I am grateful I saw what was happening with Oliver, within an hour of his arrival from his foster home AND that we have such a wonderful shelter we can offer special pricing on treatments and can educate pet owners.

Jumat, 05 September 2008

More Barack Love, Baby!

Bob gets another win! (Marymoor)

Very small entry of Beagles (4) Bob was Winners dog (for 1 point, now has 13) and Herbie was BOV. Herbie went on to win the group that day. Go Bob and Herbie!

Bob wins in Enumclaw Aug 16

In Enumclaw, Bob was Best of Winners today for a 4 point major. Dad won the variety and went on to a Group 4 in a big hound group.

Kamis, 04 September 2008

Mental Puddles

Today we have rain, easy, gentle, continuous rain. It brought with it a breeze, perhaps a tamed offering from the edges of raging Gustav. Since the rain is coming straight down most of the time, and since we have a deep enough roof, the windows can be open. This proves to be a delight.

Do you remember the rain from your childhood? Did you sit and look out the window for hours? Did you snap on your slicker and galoshes and slop through the puddles? Did you rush to the creek to see how much more water was in it and what the movement of the water brought for you to view - leaves, bugs, notes in bottles!? Did you sit in the corner of your closet with a flashlight, maybe even a makeshift indoor tent, and read? Did you make cookies with someone, play jacks or cards or dress up or indoor cowboys?

Whatever you did it probably occupied your imagination and your energy. You may recall how free you felt. Your obligations to be anywhere were few and were probably lessened by the rain. Certainly it offered excuses for tardiness! It is almost as if the rain is a gift to more than the earth; it is a gift to our human character, to our psyche, our inherent and sometimes untapped need to appreciate what this is all about and how fortunate we are.

I've had enough of the "he said, she said" so completely linked to candidates, chair people, spokespersons, talking heads, off-limits family members, pundits, analysts, observers, mavericks and organizers.

The rain has cleansed my mind of any need to dampen my own spirits with dreary recall or to make room for new spins on the same old rhetoric. It has washed away the notion that there is anything new going on with these elections beyond a couple of fresh faces (It is interesting that there is one from Hawaii and one from Alaska - our newest states.). I think we all need to take a breather. And, with that, I confess that I not add to my blog any political postings!

Selasa, 02 September 2008

RMT, NT and G, and Ed

This past weekend we enjoyed cousin company. Our family has experienced generational geographic expansion. In other words, we don't live close to each other. I wish we all did.

There's never enough time to cover all the big topics.

So, this past weekend we talked as if we will be together again this weekend.

I forgot to say, "I love you." There.

And, for laughs - our 29th anniversary found us laughing at the reality that I had a dog in the car and couldn't stop for a card for my husband and he bought me a perfect card two months ago, with dogs and cats on it, and has no idea where it is. That tells you why we have lasted - we just laugh!

Senin, 01 September 2008

Happy Anniversary, Eddie!

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary. Obviously I married when I was 10, ha ha ha. So what did we do after watching Gustav work its way across the coastal shores? We played hooky from reality and went to the fairgrounds to the agility dog show (slides to the right). Also saw a horse sale and the outside traffic associated with the Springfield Mile motorcycle race. We paused to admire a few bikes and to note that the biking population is getting older, spending more on its ride, and, as you will see, continuing to look untamed
but also be innovative.

We ate ICE CREAM! It could be said we took the day off from thinking about elections, terrorism, yard work and housework, health and exercise, economic considerations, obligations or anything else which will fill our hours again, soon enough.

The day was lovely. This little excursion cost us $6 and that was for the butter pecan and moose tracks we succumbed to at the end of the 4 hours. Yes, I'll do it - experience and fun: priceless.