Senin, 28 Juli 2008

Let It Grow Let It Grow Let It Grow

  This year I grabbed an acorn squash plant that looked "OK", on a whim, at the end of planting season - or so it seemed. It has done quite well, just stuck in the sandy soil next to the driveway. It climbed a wheel on an old wagon and this beauty will soon be ripe for the pickin'!

The green maters are on a plant in a pot. It got flooded out in the spring rains but I cut it all the way back to the dirt level and left it alone. It now is bigger and stronger than the other plant with big maters on it.

The littler maters have been my daily pick now for a couple of weeks. Along with the pot-o-parsley I have something non-sugar, non-chocolate to munch on. At least, in theory.
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