Rabu, 02 Juli 2008

Living By Design

Inspired by fabric design blogs, I chose to head outdoors and try to (once again) grasp the functionality of the macro and super macro features. Who aims for mastering any of it?!

I know there are aspects I don't understand because I can leave everything the same, not move myself or the camera and end up with a blurry photo one time and a crisp one the next. If I changed something or moved I'd understand.

Surely some of it has to do with old eyes too. If I take my glasses off I see better through the viewfinder. Don't even talk to me about using the display - YUCK! But, the images might not really be in focus. If I leave my glasses on I cannot get right up to the viewfinder. It's a guess.

I'm thinking that pretty much is life as it is today - sometimes in focus, sometimes not. What we see may only be a guess as to what it really is. The closer we are to something the less we see of it and sometimes the tougher it is to get the full view.

Flowers in bloom at the end of June - all in our yard

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