Kamis, 17 Juli 2008

There's nothin' better than a dog.

Oh, maybe...six dogs!?! Here's our crew - all adopted, all at risk and in need. We couldn't be more thrilled.

Right now shelters everywhere are hurting, just like food banks. The thing around here is that there are jobs available and people can work. Shelters need help providing for the critters they take in and more and more are coming in daily, partly because of the economy and partly because our society considers everything disposable.


It's good news for Sally Grace - As an abandoned dog she contracted heartworm. Once acquired by Animal Protective League and fostered by us she underwent treatments. After 5 months she and the others from the same bunch had to be re-tested! She is heartworm free!

It's an inside day for the dogs. These old timers are making the most of the relative coolness of the house.

At 14 years of age they are about 98 in people years. Breathing and strolling are their exercises but the vet says they're stable so on they go! Back in the days when they were adopted we didn't change their names. We said "Long live Scout and Precious" and they did!

The young 'un. Harmony Victoria looks so pleasantly, innocently congenial. Maybe that's just a sleepy-eyed expression relaying her "What do you want now?" thoughts. But she's the Alpha around here. Human intervention is sometimes needed when it's time to go outside because she gives way too much direction to her fellow poochers.

Ah, the darling of the bunch. Our sturdy girl who was used as bait. May she never know fear or pain again. She may not deserve the Frieda in her name but she sure deserves the Joy in it.

And the one dude dog of the group. Tripp Carhartt the trooper has such a burden keeping his girls entertained. Does he look put out by it? Don't let him fool you; he's in his glory.

A couple of days ago I gave Animal Protective League shelter tours to some youngsters who are attending summer camp. One of the questions was, "Will you take my aunt's cat if she brings it out here? She has one and decided she doesn't want it anymore."

Shame on the aunt. What was she thinking in getting an animal and calling it her pet? And, worse yet, what example is she setting for the 8 year old niece? With any luck at all the kitty will have a better life the second time around.

We want them.
We get them.
We make them dependent upon us.
We get them to love us.
They ask so little from us: Forever homes, kibble and water, a visit to the vet to stay healthy, laps to share, love accepted and given.

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