Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Brew at 2nd Rally Competition

Sunday, Brew and I competed in our 2nd Rally trial. We got a 91 out of 100 and our 2nd leg towards Rally Novice A title. We did pretty well until the last sign and then I guess Brew was uncertain of what I wanted so we had to redo the sign but still lost 5 points (ouch!)

Below is the video or go to

Here are the scores for our group:
And here is Brew and my individual score

Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

Brew at his 1st Rally Competition

Today, Brew and I competed in our 1st Rally competition. We got 91 out of 100 and our 1st leg of 3 towards a Rally Novice Title. As you can see Brew was a little distracted at the beginning as he was looking for Jo who had the treat bag. Next time, I won't let him see her and the treat bag. We placed 5th just missing 4th place ribbon by one point. Below is the video from today.

Here are the scores for my group, we were number 2116.

These were the Judge's marks for us.

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Adventuring we go!

We get up and go. Around here we get all the work done, or at least far enough along that we see progress, and then we decide to take off and go somewhere. Now that we travel with Gloria Prissy Soho (GPS) we wander a bit less often although we can take the scenic route if we choose.

A good friend handed me an article and said the subject/location appeared to be one which fit our lifestyle.
It is a winery, tucked a-way-back in yet another small town. That's all it took. Off we went in our 4 wheel drive with GPS along for the ride. We did take the back roads and we did defy GPS and we did find the place. It was d-vine (ha ha ha, a winery with "vine" - how fine). We enjoyed the tastings, ordered food and polished that off, then purchased a case of wine to bring home.

If you are ever travelling the real road, route 55, towards St. Louis, put The Wooden Nickel, Honey Bend Avenue, Litchfield, into your GPS and stop for refreshments. Worth the off-road time!


Annie-Jean has gone to her new home as of this past Saturday. She was received by her new human and new doggie roommate without any glitches! YaHOO!

There are scraps of paper in this house and on them are blog topics. The scraps get gathered up to make a pile. Then they get scattered again. Stuff loses relevance. So much of it has to be posted in a timely fashion.

Here it goes - 10 days later...a review of a small town festival, in photos mostly.

The day was hot, sunny, and just right for a festival on an historic site. Called the Strawberry Festival, probably because the berries were ripe, the only ones I saw were in two dishes with sponge cake. The berries, cake AND whipped cream were being devoured by two skinny, cute teenage girls. Life is not fair. What do THEY know about good strawberry shortcake? They are not included in this portfolio.

But the hot dog I ate is! Thanks to the Boy Scouts for saving the day on that one - all beef hot dogs - yummy. Check this out.

Historical sites are incomplete unless they have Old Glory flowing in the breeze
and our flag was in evidence across the front of the grand entrance to the home.
How neat! Beneath the flag the front porch chairs, rockers, and stairs were occupied by folks listening to a rural 4 part harmony group, performing familiar fun tunes, gospels, and a little C & W.

People displayed their senses of humor in many arenas. One of our favorites was where the antique trucks were lined up. In among the rest was this darling little VW bug (with a paint job that did it no justice, darn). There were all the big guys, hoods popped, horsepower on display, and smack dab in the midst was this bug, hood popped - but as we all know, it's the trunk. Got more than a chuckle. Ain't it cute?
And, speaking of cute, does anyone remember the little instrument that sounds like a frog ribbiting? This young girl was doing her darn-dest to get the rhythm down while trying to figure out "How does it do that?" Ah, sweet youth and all the innocence it holds
We saw a machine that makes socks - and great looking socks they were too! The wool yarn was prepared on site and spun into yarn and then somehow magically turned into socks with the ladies' talents and these handy-dandy machines. We saw several men in a barn beating the heck out of hot iron. Here's how that looks too. And, finally, there were the log cutters. Oy! What a job that had to be when it mattered as to how many, how fast, and how accurate...the good ole days included a lot of hard work.
Let's be glad they laid the foundation for our country - we should all pick up our "tools" and get to work, continuing in the traditions.
Oh, yeah, and here is the best tradition of them all - a good chair (or three), comfy overalls, a view, and your best friend...nothin' more to say, except Paws to Love.