Kamis, 10 Juli 2008

Out The Door

Ed (husband) is out the door having left this a.m. for Mission, S.D. to work for a week on the Sioux rez. While he is gone I have two projects: take care of myself/critters/home and handle my mom's needs at the nursing home.

Started with the first. That only seems fair, doesn't it? So I took a self-portrait but with the camera on a display stand that I can't get behind so I had to guess. The important considerations here are: it IS in focus, I do not need a haircut, and you can tell I am a Chicago White Sox fan. Well, maybe you can tell. I'm on the verge of a smirk because I figured it was a crap shoot as to whether there would be anything on the photo that resembled a person.

That being recorded I sped to the back bedroom and cleared it out, wiped down the walls and washed the floor. The 3-fold stand that dominates the previous photo now resides back there. The room is pleasant and ready for a guest should one appear.

There is a bag of stuff ready to go out the door. One room down and a couple more to go.

Also going out the door will be two nightstands. They have worked they way through two rooms and are now on the entry tile by the front door. Mark them GONE.

And, the (beloved?) grandmother's clock that never was set up in the 15 years we have been here will be taking a one-way journey outta here. Those chimes are loud. The clock needs rewinding to keep the pendulums going. Don't need that. I got this transfer of goods OK'd via phone once Ed was on the road. It was from his side of our family.

Taking care of the critters is a cinch. I have them cleaning the kitchen floor. The way to do that is to spread some sort of seldom-had doggy treat around and let them go for it. Allows me to continue multi-tasking with the blog and laundry while I take a lunch break.

It occurred to me this morning as I walked around inside here that WAY too much of the stuff in this house came from others in our family. It's bogging us down. We had the garage all cleaned out and the car or truck could go in it. That is what garages are for - vehicles. Then we shoveled my mom's stuff in there one last time. I'm starting over with the pitching gig - out the door!

Thankfully I registered for freecycle a couple of weeks ago and have already sent the replaced water softener out the door. There's nothing like the sweet taste of success to further motivate and confirm ACTION.

Once this is all done I plan to be out the door and, well, who knows...another self-portrait attempt somewhere?

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