Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

It's In The Stars

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may; I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

Remember that from kid-time? When I was a pipsqueak I'd dash outside at first dark and my dad would usually already be there. He'd tell me to look up and find my first star and make a wish. I got so I could pick out the same star and it became "mine", and probably the same ritual played across the country but it felt as if the star was mine and could see me down here. Kinda like God is/does.

Anyway, my wish was always for something like a new doll, a 45 (that's a record, folks), or to be told I was adopted. Go ahead, admit it, there was a point in your life when you would have sworn you were adopted. YOUR REAL PARENTS wouldn't be so mean.

Of course, in today's world it is possible to pay a price and get a star to give to someone. Not likely to happen in this family. We do live in the country and can still see the stars. They are ALL ours and ALL yours.

Pity, some people don't even know they are out there, what with the bright lights of the big cities.

Get out of town. Take a carload of people with you on your "daycation".
Look at how big a real cow is. Watch the corn grow. Skip rocks. Stay long enough to see the stars, say a poem, make a wish.

I'm thinking...world peace.

Rabu, 30 Juli 2008

If You Don't Like My Peaches Don't Shake My Tree

Dare I say that the power of the pixel is as mighty as the power of the pen? These luscious ladies are adorning our countertop as I write. They are soon to be separated between ripe and ready and slightly too young. Those ready will be devoured before the sun sets twice. We cannot claim growership on these but they do hail from southern IL, a town called Calhoun, known for its peaches. The young man selling them told me he ate so many yesterday he had a belly ache. Ah, sweet summer, it tis.

Louise Hay is an absolute Angel!

I swear everything that comes from this woman's mouth is magical. She's got a calming presence and true trust in the Universe. Enjoy!

Loving Yourself

And this is a great book by Louise that everyone should own:

Selasa, 29 Juli 2008

Tuesday Morning - not the store, just the thoughts

First, credit where credit is due. We had the strawberry pretzel ice cream dessert that appears on http://www.heatherbailey.typepad.com/ Yummmm. We cheated with it though, not taking the time to make the vanilla ice cream but using a quality store version. Still goooood.

Next, kudos to my mother's dentist. He came out to the car to fit her replacement lower dentures for her, went in to do the adjustments, came back out again (twice). What a guy - certainly a small town hero to us!

Third, I'm re-thinking the word "friendship". Have had a long distance discussion with a close relative. We are in agreement that one great friendship is a true gift. Well, I have that with my husband already so I offered up that more than one is do-able. Then, in another message or two, we have unexpectedly landed on his high school memories. That could be because I now live close to where he grew up and have "haunted" some of the places he knows about and which still exist, lo these many years. And, add to it that I have reconnected with a couple of my neighborhood buddies from northern IL. From all this I have concluded that friendships do evolve.

It is written that people come into your life, stay awhile, then either things progress to permanency or drift. I'm amazed at how true this is but also how true it is that there is comfort in the old friendships. There is pleasure in having had friendships that may no longer exist. It is so enjoyable to get caught up in getting caught up!

At the same time it is so real and so right to not hang on to what no longer clicks. I'm here to tell you that retirement addresses that more than any other event I know of in my own limited experience. Prior to giving up employment I suspected that there would be changes. My suspicions have proven correct and then some.

Oh, it is just as much me as anyone. I worked hard when I was employed. Right away that limits the friendships one forms! I spent a good deal of time on boards. That led to knowing a lot of people for a lot of do-gooder reasons. I also worked very hard at having an identity outside of "what I do".

This last point has been the biggest blessing. I've always known where I was headed after I put in my time making this journey possible. It's not always easy being out of touch with the mainstream but it is healthy, it is clear, it is solid.

I think more and more our country's citizens are seeing that basic is good, that there is a difference between want and need, that there's more to life than accumulation, who you know, being known.

I also think that's a good thing. Must be the place I'm at, the age kicking in! Finally I know what THE VELVETEEN RABBIT felt: REAL!

Take the rest of the day off.

Senin, 28 Juli 2008

Let It Grow Let It Grow Let It Grow

  This year I grabbed an acorn squash plant that looked "OK", on a whim, at the end of planting season - or so it seemed. It has done quite well, just stuck in the sandy soil next to the driveway. It climbed a wheel on an old wagon and this beauty will soon be ripe for the pickin'!

The green maters are on a plant in a pot. It got flooded out in the spring rains but I cut it all the way back to the dirt level and left it alone. It now is bigger and stronger than the other plant with big maters on it.

The littler maters have been my daily pick now for a couple of weeks. Along with the pot-o-parsley I have something non-sugar, non-chocolate to munch on. At least, in theory.
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I'm Appealing

That's not an egotistical statement given the actual topic but I had to use it to get your attention! The topic is nursing homes. Oy Vey you say? Well, I'm overflowing with a half decade of experience associated with these facilities. Most recently I decided to move my mother from the one she was in after they dismissed her from therapy a second time. Isn't that a nice way of putting it...not ended, not quit, but "dismissed", so P.C.
I appealed the first decision. They never provided medical records to the medical evaluator. She was reinstated. I don't think she got therapy but she was back on the books as far as Medicare goes and, frankly, isn't that a lot of what this game is all about?
I now have appealed the second decision for the final two days she was there. I wondered if it was worth it. Yes, it is. She is now a re-evaluated resident in a smaller home, receiving therapy and doing much better as they also did lab work, sent her to the ER for a diagnosis and took her off the meds that were contributing to her demise. I digress.
Regardless, the fact is caregiving starts with the person who has final responsibility. Sometimes one has to get tough, even if one has seen some good care provided. Can't be Ms. Nice all the time!
The other fact is that the facilities are probably pinched financially. In a state such as ours, with an idiot at the helm (I think I can call him an idiot since I didn't name him by title or actual name and I didn't vote for him), all the money is going to the devil knows where. And, the idiot isn't showing his face anywhere. But, the deal is that any state funding, oh heck, let's say, any bills to the state, are going to be delayed further and further. That's got to put the squeeze on big time.
Medicare is federal, I know. All the same, a lot of what gets done gets done or not done by association with the Dept of Human Services. In fact, they were there at facility #1 when I went to retrieve my mom and move her.
When Medicare stops per incident coverage we go to private pay. That has to be a losing proposition for facilities too. I remember when my dad was in facility #1 and there was a neighbor of his who'd been there for 11 months. Four years ago the rate wasn't as high but this man was on private pay and the family was being hounded DAILY to pay several thousands of dollars. He did have insurance but they didn't want to pay for some reason so the family, in the midst of their sorrow, was dealing with that mess too. Not everyone can pay the soaring rates so what happens to someone who isn't qualified for Medicaid but not well off enough to pay $172 a day to lay in wait?
I don't have answers. All I can say is that each of us has to take on the system from time to time. This is my time!

Minggu, 27 Juli 2008

Random Garden Volunteers...

I have some random things in my garden and I have no clue what they are. Some may be just flowers, or weeds, or herbs, or whatever, but I am dying to know if they are useful in any way!!! If you recognize any of these, let me know! :D

Jumat, 25 Juli 2008

What's Up on Planet Earth?

I was referred to this website and it's fabulous! If you sign up, you get emails everytime Karen posts a new "Energy Alert". She also speaks about cob houses if that's something you're interested in...

You can find her newest Energy Alerts here.

Get Fresh With Me

We are enjoying the frontrunners of our tomato crop. Pot grown, tiny gems we can pop into our mouths while the sun's warmth is still on them. We don't need to rinse them; we know where they've been!
And, from the Farmer's Market we have had fresh beets - yummmm and green beans. I haven't cooked the green beans yet but they have been in the fridge for days and there's not a speck of bean rust on them.
Makes ya wonder what stuff looks like when it gets picked far, far away. Beans from a store start to 'turn' in a day or two. Produce must just get here, get stacked with the rest of their own kind, and set in to rot away. Oh, well. It just means we're more careful about picking out what is good and knowing when we will eat it!
Eat fresh, often!

Rabu, 23 Juli 2008

Nibiru and 2012

This is quite interesting. The music is a little cheesy, but the message is captivating. I don't necessarily buy into it, but I don't necessarily disagree with it either. I recall them saying on the news some time ago that there was what they called a planet X, and then I never heard of it again. That in itself makes me wonder why they would hide it from us...

Senin, 21 Juli 2008

Conversations With Myself

This past week my husband has been in South Dakota, on the Sioux reservation, with groups of teenagers who were working on repairs of homes. Bless him for that. I cannot imagine it. I'm better in the tranquil setting of caring for animals!

Working as a volunteer at an animal shelter is educational, humbling, challenging. We lost two paid employees within days this past week and the call went out for volunteers to pitch in, provided we had the experience and could do what needed to be done without supervision. WOW was it great! Walking dogs, cleaning kennels, putting out food and water, socializing the critters...there were great teams of people doing whatever needed to be done and I was so grateful to be included in the effort.

What's more, I realize every time there is a change or a crisis, how terrific the staff is out there and how fantastic the shelter is. It's kept so clean. The animals are nurtured and healthy and given one-on-one attention.

Yes, there are lots of humans who need nurturing and attention. God really has His thinking cap on when He hands out gifts. We only need to use them! How hard can it be? Reward yourself - volunteer!

Sabtu, 19 Juli 2008

New kids photos!

Spreading the cuteness around!

I did that weird thing where I have half open eyes in this photo- but Asher looks so cute I couldn't not post it! ;)

Jumat, 18 Juli 2008

'puter expert

First of all, the title is in jest. I'm expert enough to be dangerous, in spite of the associated and high-falutin' titles I've held.
However, I'm patting myself on the back today for having repaired the "click" bar on my laptop. It's been uncooperative. I took a kitchen utility knife to it. What I actually did, so you have these handy instructions, is stuck to blade down around the edges and just repositioned the left click part of the bar. It probably had loosened over the years. So, never give up! We can get things fixed.
In case your CD or DVD player won't open, unwind a standard paper clip and take the end of it, poke it ever so slight into that little opening next to the open/close button/bar. That should free it up. That's an old trick but one you may not know about and could end up needing.

Kamis, 17 Juli 2008

There's nothin' better than a dog.

Oh, maybe...six dogs!?! Here's our crew - all adopted, all at risk and in need. We couldn't be more thrilled.

Right now shelters everywhere are hurting, just like food banks. The thing around here is that there are jobs available and people can work. Shelters need help providing for the critters they take in and more and more are coming in daily, partly because of the economy and partly because our society considers everything disposable.


It's good news for Sally Grace - As an abandoned dog she contracted heartworm. Once acquired by Animal Protective League and fostered by us she underwent treatments. After 5 months she and the others from the same bunch had to be re-tested! She is heartworm free!

It's an inside day for the dogs. These old timers are making the most of the relative coolness of the house.

At 14 years of age they are about 98 in people years. Breathing and strolling are their exercises but the vet says they're stable so on they go! Back in the days when they were adopted we didn't change their names. We said "Long live Scout and Precious" and they did!

The young 'un. Harmony Victoria looks so pleasantly, innocently congenial. Maybe that's just a sleepy-eyed expression relaying her "What do you want now?" thoughts. But she's the Alpha around here. Human intervention is sometimes needed when it's time to go outside because she gives way too much direction to her fellow poochers.

Ah, the darling of the bunch. Our sturdy girl who was used as bait. May she never know fear or pain again. She may not deserve the Frieda in her name but she sure deserves the Joy in it.

And the one dude dog of the group. Tripp Carhartt the trooper has such a burden keeping his girls entertained. Does he look put out by it? Don't let him fool you; he's in his glory.

A couple of days ago I gave Animal Protective League shelter tours to some youngsters who are attending summer camp. One of the questions was, "Will you take my aunt's cat if she brings it out here? She has one and decided she doesn't want it anymore."

Shame on the aunt. What was she thinking in getting an animal and calling it her pet? And, worse yet, what example is she setting for the 8 year old niece? With any luck at all the kitty will have a better life the second time around.

We want them.
We get them.
We make them dependent upon us.
We get them to love us.
They ask so little from us: Forever homes, kibble and water, a visit to the vet to stay healthy, laps to share, love accepted and given.

Rabu, 16 Juli 2008

We have a new WalMart.

Life is complete. Surely, I do jest. What do we need with another big box store? Here's how they've softened the blow of destroying prairie land: They are using motion detectors for lighting in the refrigeration area, installed flooring that mixes recycled stuff with new stuff, and have low watt lights in other places rather than airport lighting for security. Ho-hum.

What about all the packaging for all the stuff that they have loaded on the shelves? What about the darned economy and their endless message that we need more than we already have? What about stopping the shopping madness that permeates our society?

People: STAY HOME. Enjoy what you have. Look around you and be grateful. If you have a piggy bank and there is money in it be glad.

We have got to learn that we brought all this on ourselves and now we have the opportunity to fix it. SLOW DOWN in every way you can.


I started using Picasa2 because I want to post slide shows. It ain't happenin' but I got these 4 posted all at once. 4 of 32 chosen and saved as a slide show...I'll keep working on it.

Not that I wouldn't put all 32 on one posting but that's not the point. I need to expand what I know how to do.

Life does have its challenges. How great that is!
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Hump Day

Workers know Wednesday is Hump Day. Well, even after one retires the day retains its title. So how happy I was to be able to take a break from chores to read email and receive this link. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the awe in awesome while you view these images. Click on the blog title.

For now I'll add a few close ups of the day lilies which brighten the dry creek bed aka Katie's Gulch, and elsewhere in the front yard.

Jumat, 11 Juli 2008

Growing Up Loved

Rooting through still more of my mom's stuff I found a notebook I gave my parents, listing memories I have of my childhood. See if any of these, or similar ideas, click with yours.

1. Burning the trash in a big barrel at night and roasting marshmallows over the flames.

2. Going for school shots and afterwards ending up at Ben Franklin's Five and Dime for a fountain drink and maybe some new pop beads.

3. Earning the privilege to go the 1/2 block to the corner store for bread and milk that came in a glass container. Getting home with the items took some real doing!

4. Being assigned as the listener for the "pop" during canning time.

5. My mom riding a horse named Glamour Girl. When the leader said, "Come on Glamour Girl" my mom thought he meant her not the horse.

6. Saturday night fights on TV; apples and popcorn for supper.

7. Singing the "Michael Finnigan" song with my dad, especially while I was in the tub as a toddler. Over and over and over...Finnigan rhymes with begin again.

8. The first time I said the "F" word, speaking of rhyming...

9. Having a great swing in the back yard. Falling off it and breaking my glasses. We didn't have the money for endless replacements.

10. Helping my dad build stuff in the garage or do his candy inventory out the back of his truck.

11. Selling Girl Scout cookies all by myself.

12. My parents dressed up in appliance boxes for a Halloween party. Later my mom dressed up upside down to answer the door.

13. Tents created from blankets, clothesline and clothes pins.

14. My dad taking me to softball because both of us are left-handed and he could help me figure out what to do.

15. Finding out you had to skip house payments to pay for my room and board at college.

16. Grandma's sugar cookies - the last one always was shaped like a little pig, curly tail and all.

Kamis, 10 Juli 2008

Just for fun...

Carly and I with henna at each of our respective mother blessings ;)

Grateful Grateful Grateful!

I haven't posted in so very long! My vibe is a bit low today, so I figured I'd try to make myself post about what I'm grateful for and bring it up a few notches!

I'm grateful for my new littlest guy- he's adorable and lovable! He's got chubby little arms and legs and the biggest smile. He makes me feel so happy.

photo by philmaland.com <-- he'd probably kill me if I didn't post that ;)

I'm grateful for my other little guy as well. He is strong and independent, but he also cares for every member of his family. When Asher cries, he puts his hand on his head and says bruh-er (brother). He gives out lots and lots of kisses these days too. And he's just recently taken to an awesome stuffed giraffe- he never cared for any particular toy before so it's super cute to me. Not to mention giraffes are my favorite animal ever and out of all his toys he chose a giraffe!

I'm grateful that it's summertime and it's nice and warm outside. I love having the doors open in my house and listening to music and letting all that beautiful sunshine come through my giant front room windows! Mmmmm.

I'm grateful that I have a house of my own that I can do to what I please. I love that I can paint the kitchen orange and paint a giant tree in Eli's playroom :D

I'm grateful for gardening! I love that I have a yard these days! It's so fun to plant your flowers and watch them grow. I love my honeysuckle that my good pal Xamara got for me- it's getting bigger and bigger and smells fabulous! And the colors are energizing and fun.

I'm grateful that we have friends around all week long coming and going and bringing us happiness throughout the day. They're around to help when we need it and they always raise the vibe.

I'm grateful for my well paying job that allows me to have the nice things I have in my life.

I am really grateful for google video :D I can listen to history channel stuff on my headset at work and it makes work much more pleasant.


I had to edit to add I'm grateful for my new niece Lily! She's an angel and a blessing. :)

Out The Door

Ed (husband) is out the door having left this a.m. for Mission, S.D. to work for a week on the Sioux rez. While he is gone I have two projects: take care of myself/critters/home and handle my mom's needs at the nursing home.

Started with the first. That only seems fair, doesn't it? So I took a self-portrait but with the camera on a display stand that I can't get behind so I had to guess. The important considerations here are: it IS in focus, I do not need a haircut, and you can tell I am a Chicago White Sox fan. Well, maybe you can tell. I'm on the verge of a smirk because I figured it was a crap shoot as to whether there would be anything on the photo that resembled a person.

That being recorded I sped to the back bedroom and cleared it out, wiped down the walls and washed the floor. The 3-fold stand that dominates the previous photo now resides back there. The room is pleasant and ready for a guest should one appear.

There is a bag of stuff ready to go out the door. One room down and a couple more to go.

Also going out the door will be two nightstands. They have worked they way through two rooms and are now on the entry tile by the front door. Mark them GONE.

And, the (beloved?) grandmother's clock that never was set up in the 15 years we have been here will be taking a one-way journey outta here. Those chimes are loud. The clock needs rewinding to keep the pendulums going. Don't need that. I got this transfer of goods OK'd via phone once Ed was on the road. It was from his side of our family.

Taking care of the critters is a cinch. I have them cleaning the kitchen floor. The way to do that is to spread some sort of seldom-had doggy treat around and let them go for it. Allows me to continue multi-tasking with the blog and laundry while I take a lunch break.

It occurred to me this morning as I walked around inside here that WAY too much of the stuff in this house came from others in our family. It's bogging us down. We had the garage all cleaned out and the car or truck could go in it. That is what garages are for - vehicles. Then we shoveled my mom's stuff in there one last time. I'm starting over with the pitching gig - out the door!

Thankfully I registered for freecycle a couple of weeks ago and have already sent the replaced water softener out the door. There's nothing like the sweet taste of success to further motivate and confirm ACTION.

Once this is all done I plan to be out the door and, well, who knows...another self-portrait attempt somewhere?

Rabu, 09 Juli 2008

No disrespect intended

If you've caught up with other postings you know MomEva is in the nursing home. I really do not mean any disrespect by this but there are some pretty weird and funny things going on regarding her stay there.

First of all, she is copying my dad. Well, probably she is copying every old person who ends up in such a place (and this is a good one). But she has chosen to use his words, declaring today, as he often did, that I could take her home and take care of her. ARGH. Not likely. I could not pick her up, move her around, get her fed. Let's skip the personal stuff.

Next, she has decided her top teeth do not fit anymore. Yesterday she was claiming they were not hers so, of course, the staff was panicky and at the same time hopeful that they were/were not missing. The ones she had in her mouth when I arrived today LOOKED like George Washington's choppers. Upon further inspection, facilitated by her dismissing them from her mouth, I could determine they are indeed, hers. These now reside on the nightstand, perhaps as a warning to anyone who dare cross her - she'll knock their teeth out.

Then came the coercing to go to therapy. God help us, she only has a few days left of getting up and walking with all the assistance. Then it is straight chair time. The kind-hearted therapist sent for her today (I know in her pocket there was a 'short straw') generously offered to let her take a nap upon completion of her exercises. If looks could kill, this poor girl would be on a slab and this posting would be entered by yet another corpse for we both we're given the evil, slaying eye.

All this now being exposed I have to add that historically July 9th has been a good day for me. It started in high school when I had my first date. Miniature golf during the day, if you are asking. I made it my day. Years later I learned it was my never-known-outside-photos grandfather's birthday. aHA. Further justification of it being a good day. So I sought out something remarkably good each July 9th. This year I am still waiting and looking for that. Besides my adventures with Eva I drove thru a yellow turn light on a red straight ahead light make sense?), albeit, successfully. As if that was not enough while behind the wheel I killed a cat charging across the country road.

There are those I know who would tell me to stop while I am ahead and to look no further. However, I felt very rotten about the cat, particularly since my front passenger seat hosted a stack of deliverable Adoption Alerts from APL. Should I have left one at the scene of my crime? This humor is too dark for you? Go ahead, make my day.

Before I came to my own blog I stopped by Shawn's (see doodlegirl link) and then went on to her sister's. It is such fun to tour the country daily, going to visit them and then linking into some of the other people they know. They really know these other people so I am a blog-stalker!

Updates: I never found my Tilley, even after getting a new one. Did the dog eat it? I will be writing a letter to Memorial Medical Center's higher-ups regarding my mother's lost lower dentures "the unresolved situation". I had to throw that in as it gives closure to this entry.


Selasa, 08 Juli 2008


It's a jackpot day - there are 4 comments on one entry. YEA!

Well, I'm not going to turn this into an "about my mom" blog. But there are some folks who have an interest in her goings-on. So here's a brief update.

We've cleaned out my mom's studio apartment - most of the heavy lifting being done by Ed and me or Ed and Al or Ed and Diane. I've already SOLD a few things. Double jackpot! There's little else to save for us at this point in time; we have all we need and have our memory items so now others can benefit from the functional stuff. In the meantime she is settling into the nursing home with fewer and fewer belongings, worries, and cares.

She (my mom) was sleeping when I went over to visit. That's always a time to consider, to wake or not to wake her up...I did not. She loves sleeping and is working very hard to make it her main occupation. At the same time, what if I need to tell her something?

The fact is, there's nothing I need to tell her. She's heard all she needs to hear. The rest is just for me to figure out. That's why I let her sleep. Maybe that's how folks get to rest in peace! :-)

Minggu, 06 Juli 2008

Here's Looking At....

...the classifieds.
What a "Sunday" thing this is! But, now that we have canceled our subscription to the paper paper (as opposed to the online version) this is the final Sunday I will hear:

1. Here's one...3500 SF, 5 bedrooms, $425,000 and so on and so forth
2. Now, here's job you might like...Rochester Police officer,Starbucks manager @ the Hilton, Volunteer Coordinator @ UIS, transport driver @ APL. All of those involve really odd hours and mediocre pay. The day may come though. I've thought it would be fun to Georgette Plimpton. If you don't know what that means, Google "George Plimpton".
3. Mary Worth's comic is more than her saying "Hmmm, should I stay with Jeff?"
4. Here's a coupon for (something we don't need, wouldn't use, can't afford, and from a place we never shop).
5. We missed seeing such and such. As usual the notification of some funky event that we really might have gone to is published as a report of how under-attended it was.
6. Today the advertisements weight 2 lbs. and the paper 5 ounces.
7. Are you through with this?

Jumat, 04 Juli 2008

In Memory of Browny

"True friends leave footprints in your hearts." Eleanor Roosevelt

Sleeping In

The 4th has come and gone, in spite of the date showing on blogspot at this hour. Hmmm. Actually our 4th in Rochester was June 27-29 and because of the rain, again, July 18. I digress needlessly. The dogs were doped (just a titch) to manage the noise from the city AND our being "out". Our out is not the same as theirs, if it matters. We went to New Salem State Park to enjoy "John Brown's Body" and enjoy it we did! It was branded a musical but actually it was more an historical reading with some musical elements. For community theater this was outstanding. If they were paid performers it would still have been outstanding.

We were a BIT hesitant as the last production we went to there we left during intermission; it was B-A-D.

This was a welcomed reminder of why we love local arts and artists.

Having stayed up late and then putting the poochers outside for one last time waaaaay past the usual hour, we turned in with the understanding we would sleep late. Around here that is any time after 6:20 a.m.

Didn't happen. My mother called from the nursing home @ 5:14, claiming to need help. The patriotic ring tone on the phone didn't blend in with the talk radio program already broadcasting in the bedroom (you're thinking we wouldn't have slept late anyway but you're wrong - so sorry) so recognition of that being the telephone arrived after the call had gone to voice mail.

We called the staff and asked that they see to her needs. She's frightened. I think she is truly staring Death in the face. People sometimes mention this but it is usually with something dramatic - a soldier, a crime or accident victim, a person who died and was revived. But, my mom is dying of old age, loneliness, and probably plain old giving up. Still she panics because of the dreams she has and she needs reassurances, either in seeing us or hearing our voices. Ed and I appear to have a calming influence on her! Ha! She would deny that, considering all the trials and tribulations the decades have thrown at her.

Of course this call jolted us out of our respite.

Of course we actually had to wake up the dogs to get them to go outside and then be fed.

In the meantime I try to find some level of humor in all this. Dark humor it is. I wonder if I could give her a tape player and tape of us talking to her. I ask myself if she wants me to write down some of the associations she is making - all very zany, impractical and eye-popping. She has asked for a dirty book to read, something that will hold her attention.

Indeed, it is a good life.

Rabu, 02 Juli 2008

Living By Design

Inspired by fabric design blogs, I chose to head outdoors and try to (once again) grasp the functionality of the macro and super macro features. Who aims for mastering any of it?!

I know there are aspects I don't understand because I can leave everything the same, not move myself or the camera and end up with a blurry photo one time and a crisp one the next. If I changed something or moved I'd understand.

Surely some of it has to do with old eyes too. If I take my glasses off I see better through the viewfinder. Don't even talk to me about using the display - YUCK! But, the images might not really be in focus. If I leave my glasses on I cannot get right up to the viewfinder. It's a guess.

I'm thinking that pretty much is life as it is today - sometimes in focus, sometimes not. What we see may only be a guess as to what it really is. The closer we are to something the less we see of it and sometimes the tougher it is to get the full view.

Flowers in bloom at the end of June - all in our yard

Selasa, 01 Juli 2008


Driving cross-city to the timing of the traffic lights allows pondering:
1. How is it we have a language that offers up ticklish and licorice and they rhyme? What about Asian and nation? - Those two do, too.
2. Is there a legitimate reason America never went metric?
3. Why is negative news so popular and yet we hear public pleas for good news reports (and reporting)consistently and to every medium?
4. Where is my duff? I really do want to get off of it.
5. Why do we re-use words for different things: grain of sand, grain of the wood, grain of wheat, as an example. Still we can make up nonsense words all the time, Google being one.
6. How long was one of God's days when he created everything?
7. Do people who make up recipes instinctively know that when they make it it will turn out all right or close to all right, or does it take a zillion attempts?
8. Why can't women's outdoor wear be as sturdy, long-lasting, and practical as men's?
9. Are we there yet?