Rabu, 16 Juli 2008

We have a new WalMart.

Life is complete. Surely, I do jest. What do we need with another big box store? Here's how they've softened the blow of destroying prairie land: They are using motion detectors for lighting in the refrigeration area, installed flooring that mixes recycled stuff with new stuff, and have low watt lights in other places rather than airport lighting for security. Ho-hum.

What about all the packaging for all the stuff that they have loaded on the shelves? What about the darned economy and their endless message that we need more than we already have? What about stopping the shopping madness that permeates our society?

People: STAY HOME. Enjoy what you have. Look around you and be grateful. If you have a piggy bank and there is money in it be glad.

We have got to learn that we brought all this on ourselves and now we have the opportunity to fix it. SLOW DOWN in every way you can.


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