Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012

Down the Road to Decatur

There's nothing like a friend saying, "Liked your blog. Looking forward to the next entry." to inspire a person to write. I'm just sayin'...
to be me or not to be me?
Off we went today, on a playday. At our nearly or merely ripe ages that means taking a field trip to another town. In this case, Decatur, IL. You might ask, "Why?" or "Huh?" or even, "What's there?". Maybe you don't ask but let's say you do as I can tell you. Have I lost my head?
local architecture sample
There's a wonderful gift/office/gourmet/book/furniture store (H & E) to stroll around in and get ideas or even make a purchase of something unusual. Find the coffee house, down on West Main, called Wildflower. Goodies are from Pakera in Champaign and if you don't indulge you'll surely enjoy looking at them. It's a very eclectic setting and long ago I coined the word, "eclectian" as I am one! We had quiche (me), a croissant (Ed feeling French), a frappe and a smoothie. There's some energy! We did make it to the sunflower (only in French) gift shop where I purchased two books, but not to the art galleries :-(.  But I took photos - hope you like 'em!  Regardless, I am into these wonderful little books of big quotes, this time, well "Time" and "Peace".

Peace - "One by one we can be the better world we wish for." Kobi Yamada
Time - "Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath. And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with them." (unknown but let me claim it!!)

See how important it is to read such inspirations? I'm surrounded by inspiring and wise souls - 6 dogs and 3 cats and 1 magnificent husband. Fortune is mine right there but golly-gee, I've got some terrific friends, have a great education, spent good year with wonderful employers, have my health and am doing all I can to give back to my community and beyond. It's not always easy but it is always rewarding. Sometimes it's as simple as saying to someone else, "Pay It Forward". So, do.
as in "what the...?"

Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

Summer Reading Program

Every summer the local library conducts a children's reading program. It always seems to be a load of fun and my traditional input is to request the same for the adult readers in the community. We have winter, with Cabin Fever - a joyful experience on its own but a summer program would be welcomed too. There doesn't have to be an end of the program potluck; we'd manage!

This year I've noticed a tendency in my own summer reading: there's always some sort of theme. One year, OK two or three years, it has been dogs and assorted other typically 4-legged creatures. When THE HELP was published I found myself reading it, along with several other southern novels, all which drew me to take a trip below the Mason Dixon line. 2012 finds me reading my second Young Adult novel! Mercy you say - aren't those easy reading?

They are not always easy reading if you choose carefully and I have chosen WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS and THE YEARLING. Both explore relationships with animals. Both have young people as main characters. Both include richness in dialogue, character development, and moral messages. Their appeal is not limited to the pre-teen or early teen group. I'm distanced from that age range by a good country mile.

So if you're hankering for some down-to-earth novels that every one of us should experience, check those two out. If you cried at OLD YELLER, if you are a friend of Flicka, if THE VELVETEEN RABBIT makes you feel real, if you punned your way thru THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH and found your way to the library then you'll love these books! Check it out. What a novel idea.