Senin, 21 Juli 2008

Conversations With Myself

This past week my husband has been in South Dakota, on the Sioux reservation, with groups of teenagers who were working on repairs of homes. Bless him for that. I cannot imagine it. I'm better in the tranquil setting of caring for animals!

Working as a volunteer at an animal shelter is educational, humbling, challenging. We lost two paid employees within days this past week and the call went out for volunteers to pitch in, provided we had the experience and could do what needed to be done without supervision. WOW was it great! Walking dogs, cleaning kennels, putting out food and water, socializing the critters...there were great teams of people doing whatever needed to be done and I was so grateful to be included in the effort.

What's more, I realize every time there is a change or a crisis, how terrific the staff is out there and how fantastic the shelter is. It's kept so clean. The animals are nurtured and healthy and given one-on-one attention.

Yes, there are lots of humans who need nurturing and attention. God really has His thinking cap on when He hands out gifts. We only need to use them! How hard can it be? Reward yourself - volunteer!

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