Minggu, 29 Juni 2008

You're in the Right Place

Yes, the colors have changed but you are in the right place. How valid is that statement in life itself? Do the colors you see or feel truly represent you being in the right place? Are you blue? Do you see red? Can you be green with envy? Is it a black day? Have you whitewashed your sensitivities? Is your brain having a brown-out?
Why do we assign colors to emotions, I wonder. And, what are the colors of positive feelings? Being "in the pink"? Feeling "peachy"? Seeing the "silver lining"? Living your the "golden years"? Huh. I'm not sure. This all just popped into my mind. Ergo-indigo, I write.

Regardless, it is another glorious day, bursting with bird songs at this time. Could there be anything more peaceful than being surrounded by different birds raising their voices in song and with cricket accompaniment to boost? The sun peeks in through thickly summer-leafed trees, creating dancing wall shadows to entertain and tease the pets. I am in the right place. I love it.

It is good to be grateful no matter what color and place we are in. Each day offers, and if we accept the offer, it provides just what we need. Don't OVER-look today!

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