Jumat, 11 Juli 2008

Growing Up Loved

Rooting through still more of my mom's stuff I found a notebook I gave my parents, listing memories I have of my childhood. See if any of these, or similar ideas, click with yours.

1. Burning the trash in a big barrel at night and roasting marshmallows over the flames.

2. Going for school shots and afterwards ending up at Ben Franklin's Five and Dime for a fountain drink and maybe some new pop beads.

3. Earning the privilege to go the 1/2 block to the corner store for bread and milk that came in a glass container. Getting home with the items took some real doing!

4. Being assigned as the listener for the "pop" during canning time.

5. My mom riding a horse named Glamour Girl. When the leader said, "Come on Glamour Girl" my mom thought he meant her not the horse.

6. Saturday night fights on TV; apples and popcorn for supper.

7. Singing the "Michael Finnigan" song with my dad, especially while I was in the tub as a toddler. Over and over and over...Finnigan rhymes with begin again.

8. The first time I said the "F" word, speaking of rhyming...

9. Having a great swing in the back yard. Falling off it and breaking my glasses. We didn't have the money for endless replacements.

10. Helping my dad build stuff in the garage or do his candy inventory out the back of his truck.

11. Selling Girl Scout cookies all by myself.

12. My parents dressed up in appliance boxes for a Halloween party. Later my mom dressed up upside down to answer the door.

13. Tents created from blankets, clothesline and clothes pins.

14. My dad taking me to softball because both of us are left-handed and he could help me figure out what to do.

15. Finding out you had to skip house payments to pay for my room and board at college.

16. Grandma's sugar cookies - the last one always was shaped like a little pig, curly tail and all.

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