Rabu, 09 Juli 2008

No disrespect intended

If you've caught up with other postings you know MomEva is in the nursing home. I really do not mean any disrespect by this but there are some pretty weird and funny things going on regarding her stay there.

First of all, she is copying my dad. Well, probably she is copying every old person who ends up in such a place (and this is a good one). But she has chosen to use his words, declaring today, as he often did, that I could take her home and take care of her. ARGH. Not likely. I could not pick her up, move her around, get her fed. Let's skip the personal stuff.

Next, she has decided her top teeth do not fit anymore. Yesterday she was claiming they were not hers so, of course, the staff was panicky and at the same time hopeful that they were/were not missing. The ones she had in her mouth when I arrived today LOOKED like George Washington's choppers. Upon further inspection, facilitated by her dismissing them from her mouth, I could determine they are indeed, hers. These now reside on the nightstand, perhaps as a warning to anyone who dare cross her - she'll knock their teeth out.

Then came the coercing to go to therapy. God help us, she only has a few days left of getting up and walking with all the assistance. Then it is straight chair time. The kind-hearted therapist sent for her today (I know in her pocket there was a 'short straw') generously offered to let her take a nap upon completion of her exercises. If looks could kill, this poor girl would be on a slab and this posting would be entered by yet another corpse for we both we're given the evil, slaying eye.

All this now being exposed I have to add that historically July 9th has been a good day for me. It started in high school when I had my first date. Miniature golf during the day, if you are asking. I made it my day. Years later I learned it was my never-known-outside-photos grandfather's birthday. aHA. Further justification of it being a good day. So I sought out something remarkably good each July 9th. This year I am still waiting and looking for that. Besides my adventures with Eva I drove thru a yellow turn light on a red straight ahead light make sense?), albeit, successfully. As if that was not enough while behind the wheel I killed a cat charging across the country road.

There are those I know who would tell me to stop while I am ahead and to look no further. However, I felt very rotten about the cat, particularly since my front passenger seat hosted a stack of deliverable Adoption Alerts from APL. Should I have left one at the scene of my crime? This humor is too dark for you? Go ahead, make my day.

Before I came to my own blog I stopped by Shawn's (see doodlegirl link) and then went on to her sister's. It is such fun to tour the country daily, going to visit them and then linking into some of the other people they know. They really know these other people so I am a blog-stalker!

Updates: I never found my Tilley, even after getting a new one. Did the dog eat it? I will be writing a letter to Memorial Medical Center's higher-ups regarding my mother's lost lower dentures "the unresolved situation". I had to throw that in as it gives closure to this entry.


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