Senin, 18 Maret 2013

Bella Beats the Odds

It was a busy transport weekend. Saturday it took 5 drivers/cars to take all the Quincy K9 Connection 
critters who were northbound. What a bunch of fantastic and happy dogs we moved! It never ceases to amaze me at how rewarding this is. At the same time the greatest reward would be to never have to do it because all dogs are loved and cared for throughout their entire lives.
Bella on one of the last "legs" of her journey
Sunday we transport a solo pooch, Bella, a gorgeous black and tan GSD. She had tremendous markings, a great personality, and a horrendous story. Imagine a German Shepherd, at almost 2 yrs of age, weighing 29.5 lbs. Furthermore imagine her being in a crate that would be good for a Beagle mix, nothing to eat or drink except what she "eliminated" herself. Long story short, she was nursed back to health, seems immensely socialized and loved now and is in a foster home after spending 2 days going from car to car and crossing several state lines.

Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Comeback Kid

Admittedly blogging failed to make the "priorities" list for the past year or so. However, life happens and now mine is shaping up again so I'll be writing more often.
Let me start with including a photo of our little foster girl, Toodles. See her above, clearly taking command. She's only here through tonight and then she's hitching a ride on the Transport Trail, taking the Hinsdale, IL bound route. Thanks to Quincy K9 Connection, for alerting me of her need to be fostered and then arranging for her to go to open arms! Isn't she precious? We're thankful for our six, all of whom adore her, but we're at our manageable limit right now! Fostering, like blogging, may be making a comeback in my life!

All right...I'm warmed up now. Let's see what cleverness I can come up with in the very near future!