Minggu, 06 Juli 2008

Here's Looking At....

...the classifieds.
What a "Sunday" thing this is! But, now that we have canceled our subscription to the paper paper (as opposed to the online version) this is the final Sunday I will hear:

1. Here's one...3500 SF, 5 bedrooms, $425,000 and so on and so forth
2. Now, here's job you might like...Rochester Police officer,Starbucks manager @ the Hilton, Volunteer Coordinator @ UIS, transport driver @ APL. All of those involve really odd hours and mediocre pay. The day may come though. I've thought it would be fun to Georgette Plimpton. If you don't know what that means, Google "George Plimpton".
3. Mary Worth's comic is more than her saying "Hmmm, should I stay with Jeff?"
4. Here's a coupon for (something we don't need, wouldn't use, can't afford, and from a place we never shop).
5. We missed seeing such and such. As usual the notification of some funky event that we really might have gone to is published as a report of how under-attended it was.
6. Today the advertisements weight 2 lbs. and the paper 5 ounces.
7. Are you through with this?

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