Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag AND mom news

Embarking on an Earthwatch trip requires setting limits on what can be hauled, at least from the car to the boat to the island to the campsite. In a few days I'm headed to No Man's Land, aka Shackleford Island @ the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It will be 4 women plus Earthwatch and National Park Service staff who I believe in this case are women also. Nothing intentional about that - it just worked out that way. None of us know each other. Email is changing that though! The list of what to bring is long and whatever we take we carry. Undoubtedly we each have a big stack of essentials and a too-small pack in which to squeeze them.
The photo is from one of the web sites about the island. There are "wild horses" there and Spirit, the small white horse to the left, was one of them. We're going to study herd/harem behavior as part of a research project. Even though it's a working trip it will be a vacation!

Also, my mother remains in the 10. The plan was to have moved her to a nursing home for therapy on day 5 but that didn't work out obviously. She is weak and confused and medicated. Hopefully she'll be settled before I leave. Regardless, she'll be in good care and Ed will visit without worrying about her. For those who are willing, prayers are welcomed.

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