Jumat, 09 Mei 2008

Merry Month of May

Last night was our annual meeting for Friends of Rochester Public Library and I have turned over the presidency to new leadership! Certainly this has been an enjoyable experience but I firmly believe that one person should not "own" a volunteer position or it will not only belong to that person for life but the efforts will suffer, energy will be drained from the organization. We need fresh ideas and we need them often! Our library staff is the greatest and look what they did to celebrate Nat'l Library Week (yes, it was in April). There are posters all over the library! Soon they will be taken down and a new bunch will go up for the Summer Reading program. This is a simple software program they got, probably through a library-only resource. They do amazing things to encourage use of the library.

It's tougher and tougher to find "highlights" in each day. The newspaper, radio, TV - all seem to thrive on negativity. Yes, belts are being tightened across the country. Yes, we're not sure what government at the federal or state level is doing or if those in charge now or in the future have a clue. Sorry I cannot get my arms around any presidential candidate. And, never having had any enthusiasm for the current Illinois governor I now find myself totally disgusted by his pushy, whiny power plays. England had its mad king. We have a raving idiot governor. When he's done (and most of the state wants him out ASAP) he's going to have to change his appearance and leave the state. The exception will be if he's jailed. He'll probably do time in Illinois and we'll still be paying his way.

Thinking about all these challenges and more needs to be limited! Instead I go outside and observe how green and rich everything around us is! We have plants growing beautifully that were damaged in years gone by. They stayed dormant for a year and maybe popped up the next then were hit by the weather again. But everything seems to be surviving and doing well. I take that as a reason to slow down and appreciate what is right before me. It doesn't cost a darn thing to do that either!

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