Minggu, 18 Mei 2008

Willow Weep For Me

So many sad times right now - yes, the disasters on the other side of the world, yes, the storms here in the USA. And, now I have lost another dear friend, at least till we meet again in Heaven! Plus, a pair of friends are splitting up and although it is the right thing, it is difficult for them and those who love them dearly.

Ah, but the willow??? You can see by other postings that we have a willow tree and it has brought us great joy and amusement this week. Birds have taken it as a perch. They also are robbing the straw covering the grass seed put down following the dry creek bed installation. They use the straw to make a nest. It is in the mailbox.

So, after two days of removing the nest(s) and finding them restored we bit the almighty bullet. We went to the bird (brain) store, bought a ring and started stuffing everything from feathers to dryer lint in it so they can have adequate housing. It is still in the mailbox. There is an intentional hole in the bottom of it. Who knew? So, it is now bound closed with a pink plastic ribbon and a new post and mailbox have been established.

We're crazy, not quite certifiably so, yet, but crazy. Nature restores the soul's acceptance and faith in life and its cycles. It calms and excites. Enjoy it. You won't be thrilled by anything as much as what God gave us.

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