Minggu, 25 Mei 2008

Nature's Best

The birds have won and the mail delivery people are quite happy about it. It seemed only fair that we give them some privacy in their new home but I must admit I'm a bit concerned about them having enough air, not roasting in the hot mailbox when the sun starts to shine again, and later, about how they will get out to fly since they'll have to learn to go down through a hole and out rather than hop out onto a branch. Maybe my husband can build a perch for them, kinda a Rube Goldberg arrangement.
We have had MORE rain, probably the tail end of what has swept across the Midwest in the tornadoes. We didn't get the wind, just the water. It does look nice but the creek is defying its intended purpose of being a DRY creek bed. Still I have decided that our yard will not be as soggy as it has been in years past because the water is set to drain into the creek bed. To that end I'm sure we will utter the all-too-familiar phrase, "We should have done this years ago." I hope our resident toads find the creek soon and move out from under the back stairs; they're missing the boat, so to speak.
How nice it is to share Nature with the critters!

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