Minggu, 01 Juni 2008

From Hail to Dog Days

As was predicted, we had a major rain storm Friday night. The wind blew, but severely and not exceedingly long, and then the sky opened up and we were whopped by rain turning to hail. Fortunately one of the dogs and I had walked in the field next door and found 8 golf balls so there was something to size the hail against.

APL has enriched its "Donation Dog" program with add'l volunteer dogs. Yesterday was Harmony's debut and she was stationed outside a big box store for 3 hours. Her friendly pitt mix demeanor yielded $173.54 for the dogs and cats who need extra attention at the shelter. Here's the li'l darlin' herself, enjoying a personal exploration of the creek bed and the water it held from Friday night.

BTW, the golf balls in the field are regular finds there. We're collecting them to create a golf shore or golf coast on the creek bed.

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