Kamis, 01 Mei 2008

Earning Our Keep

Earth Day has turned into Earth Week and we certainly have toiled in the earth these past few days. Enough so that my allergies have me housebound for a few hours. Time to blog!

Here's a photo of Tripp, me and 6 yr old future veterinarian, Hannah, at the Take Your Children to Work program at one of the local state offices. I talked about the importance of no-kill animal shelters. Tripp is living proof of their successes. He had a busy month, making journeys to pre-school classes also! He has earned his keep.

He'll be back on the road as a donation dog tomorrow, at the Upscale Sale being held by Animal Protective League. Then Harmony makes her debut on Saturday, doing an Arthritis/Arfritis Walk as a donation puppy. She'll need a nap afterwards. We're not sure what I'll need. Merlot? A nice Burgundy?

But wait, there's more - I've got Ed talked into helping give dog baths to 14 dogs who were part of a "evacuation" of a kennel. And, he's taking a shelter dog to the adoption Saturday while H and I walk.

So PETS are part of the family. And, helping critters is a FAMILY thing. Sure beats slouching around in front of the television. As I used to say to a couple of young boys, "You rarely see the people on TV watching TV.". I'm not so certain that's true anymore. What a sad observation it is if you do see that!

As we enter the merry month of May it will be good to "earn our keep" by being more earthy, tee-hee!

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