Minggu, 04 Mei 2008

Each Year In Tremont, IL

Tremont, IL is up the road a piece. It's the home of the Tremont Turkey Festival (June 6-8 this year) but also we go to their Methodist church once a year to hear a great friend of ours perform. He's a widely acclaimed tenor, best known for oratorio and early music but he impresses us with what he does with classical and spiritual. He's been all over the world to sing but we knew him first in a work environment. He is someone who never would have been told "keep your day job" but he has! He lives in Chicago and treks down to do this annual benefit. His heart is so very good! Just go to the web site by clicking on this article's title. There's audio there. And if you ever get a chance, go someplace to hear him. He also performs with a nine-voice group that is tremendous: Chicago a capella.

Lebst du um Liebe,
O ja, mich liebe!
Liebe mich immer,
Dich lieb' ich immerdar.

Thank you Trevor, for a wonderful Sunday concert!

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