Sabtu, 03 Mei 2008

High Sea

Well, Ed and I just spent 4 evenings in class and consequently four days studying as we took a crash course in "Boating Safety". Just as when I went skydiving, these instructors, like the jump instructors, regaled us with the dangers of their sport of choice. I suppose it is worth it but I have come close to only participating in a new sport, born out of this last class: Trailer Boating.

You see, one chapter covers trailering. Mind you, this was a sit-stay-read class, no practical application stuff going on here. But, in my twisted mind way, when the guy who was talking about it, who was himself rather funny, put up the words Trailer Boating I went to work with that phrase. Of course I blurted out that I thought he was talking about a variation of boating that we could all enjoy in spite of the gas prices. Other benefits would include never having to back the boat/trailer up, not fearing that some 13 year old driving an uninsured boat while his/her 18 year old sister/brother drinks the family beer would run into us, never having an Asian Carp jump up out of the water and hit you, never getting lost in the fog. There is a substantial list of things that you don't have to buy if you have a boat that never sees the water. Mainly that would be the tools for taking care of the trailer and boat and hitch. Well, you wouldn't need the hitch, now, would you? My point is made.

Additions to just sitting in the boat could be that you pay a neighbor kid to move the sprinkler around while you sit in your boat so you get the nautical spray, you CAN overload the boat with people, stuff, pets and no one gets sick and nothing sinks. You're never far from the home head either. Those who wish may go bravely into the world and perhaps do their trailer boating at a dry dock, rest stop, roadway park, boat sale parking lot, Farm & Fleet, church or post office lots. You could host an Open Boat, maybe have a fundraiser for some needy causes, actually use the boat earlier in the year and through late fall. The boat would not need to be registered with the state so our hugely unpopular governor wouldn't have to concern himself about what pal to give the money to in this case.

There, I've done it, ruined a perfectly good story with a political comment. I'm just going to go look for a photo of our boat and if you see one posted you'll know I found it. Ah! Another benefit of trailer boating: you always know where your boat is and can take a picture of it when you need one!

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