Minggu, 04 Mei 2008


Harmony didn't debut as a Donation Dog yesterday. The event was "weathered" out - too windy. Then it rain. Then the sun came out but everyone was gone so it was too late.

My cousin has sent me his recipe for Basic Sweet Dough which he turns into cinnamon rolls.
(I love my cuz a lot and hope I don't get in trouble with him for this.) The recipe calls for measurements in 1/6's. Who is he kidding? Here he is, on the right, with older bro, Norm. Granted, this was taken a few yrs ago. Back to the rolls. The recipe mentions a DASH of milk. How does one get that? Maybe a SPLASH but aren't dashes for dry items, quite like a pinch would be? Are pinches now not PC so we are to use dashes? Or, is a dash bigger/smaller than a pinch? In a pinch can I use a dash? Or am I required to make a mad dash for the needed ingredient? This recipe only gets more interesting as one reads further, proving the old adage that it is wise to read the whole recipe before embarking on a new kitchen adventure. The guy wants me to use 5/3 T butter at one point and I guess the remainder later, when I lightly spread butter over dough". This total amount translates - ready for this - to " (2 2/3 T)" or 1/6 cup. I haven't figured that out. Is it 2 x 2/3 which is 4/3 or is it 2 full T and 2/3 T, or is is 1 T (3/3) and 2/3 T? I'm easily confused so if/when I use this recipe I'd go with the 1/6 cup. and wing it on how it is divided out. And, then I am to use broken pecans. Is this because they cost less or was a it a family thing that when these were first made all that was left were broken ones? If all I have is whole ones do I need to break them? Wouldn't it be all right to chop them electrically? I fear this is way too much for me. It involves using yeast and I am not gifted in that area. Nor am I willing to do the conversions on the rest of the recipe to get the 1/6's figured out. Something tells me he is passing along what he was handed years ago - the recipe that started out calling for 25 lbs. of flour - now modified. I'm going to hope that RT comes in from TX on one of his motorized bikes and bakes up a batch of these for me to nibble on, or we have a bake sale, all the while Harmony will be taking his wallet and making a big donation to APL.

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