Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

Nothing Fair About Puppy Mills

We all love cute little puppies.

Some of us have even raised a few so they can be adopted happily.

Other people love the profits and have arranged for births, separation, sales, and repetition.

In other words: puppy mills.

Don't go there. Just don't go to one. I don't care if it is in the middle of Missouri or Carlinville, IL or Arthur, IL or PA or CA - nowhere.

If you BUY a puppy from a puppy mill it allows the mill owner to continue. It reinforces the perverted thinking that there's a market / demand.

Puppy mills are not the good breeders. Those folks open the doors and let you see their facilities. They manage blood lines to avoid in-breeding or defects.

We have a connection who is adamant about a puppy mill in Carlinville, IL being disreputable. I've not been there, don't know the person so what I have is heresay. But hearing that the owner (DS) won't let people inside and that the place is a mess is discouraging.

What a dilemma - One should not go but out all his dogs; he'll just go get more and keep the process going. At the same time, what can be done. There's only one Dept of Ag person to inspect throughout the state. How many dogs will be abused, mis-used, undernourished, overbred, tossed out, ignored?

Life's not fair. We grow up hearing that. We can do some things about trying to make it fair for ourselves. What can a puppy do?

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