Rabu, 30 September 2009

Secret Life

Everyone who has cared for a deceased person knows that sometimes mail still is sent to that person.

If my dad were alive he would be celebrating his 99th birthday in a couple of weeks. He passed away almost 3 years ago, bless his heart. He really had planned to get to 100.

His secret life must have worn him down. I'm not talking about the poetry he wrote during WWII and tucked away for decades. This is not about the quiet good samaritan acts he performed. I can't write about how he helped the kids at his school; he didn't talk much about it.

No, this is about what came in the mail for him this week. It's addressed to him but at our address as once he was in the nursing home that was just easier for us - handling insurance, Social Security, retirement stuff. But this - THIS is a birthday card/wish, with a gift card worth $10 and hopes that he'll be making a purchase soon.

It's from Victoria's Secret! Wouldn't the executive who purchased that mass marketing mailer list be thrilled to learn the value of the names on it?

Or, and this is just to make you smile, maybe my dad took this secret to the grave with him.

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