Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

small wonder

Meet Abner, our "long term" foster. In other words, he's 15, has 4 teeth, yaps, and can see much. Sure, it could be me in a few years! But, it was Ed who couldn't go home w/o him!!! Now I blog with a dog on my lap. It's that or everyone else has a case of bad nerves from listening to him.

Not far from home these fungi grow, every year, by the same tree. I just deleted the photos from last year. These are much prettier; there's more color. As Abner would tell you if he could see much, there's plenty to see down low.

Is there anything with an uglier label than a slug? And, usually they are just plain, well, ugly and sluggish. This one, amidst what I call "drink umbrella mushrooms" just fit in the photo and doesn't look half bad.
All right, someone has a fixation with fungi. Call them mushrooms if you wish. But, you must admit, by whatever label you give them, you have to give them credit for being beautiful and unique.

It's October and what would a blog be if not a place to post the pumpkin selection process and an obvious victory. Mom and Dad were probably thrilled to see the arms go up with the results!
Not too long ago we pooch sat for some former fosters who bring their own toys. Our own Harmony Victoria was worn out after a long day of play and chose to take temporary possession of their Clifford. This one made the papers so I thought it should go universal!

Nuts for everyone. My treat.

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