Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

Closing Arguments

Isn't it sad when situations dissolve (versus evolve) so much that pettiness is all that anyone will ever remember once the end has arrived?

Such is the case with so much these days. People seem to be edgier than ever - I'm no exception. In bed last night, listening to the all night radio talk show, I got to thinking about how it seems as if fuses are shorter these days. We all want what is best, what is right, what works - or at least I hope we do. Yet, far too much time is spent spinning the story, making excuses, telling a lie often enough people forget there was a truth.

I'm perplexed. More than ever we need to be upbeat, successful at relationships, and forward thinking. It doesn't seem to happen. I don't even know where to go looking for it. I should say "church". Having said that I must admit I hear the same sound bites there, just different topics.

Where is peace? Where is satisfaction? Where is a sense of contentment?

In learning to be a teacher and in learning to be a parent and in learning to be a boss I learned "Say 3 good things for every 1 corrective thing." or words to that effect. I wish I could say I hear that in discussions. I wish I could say I do it.

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