Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Safe House

We went to a party.

It's not often we say that anymore. But this party was made for people like us as we didn't need new clothes to go, it started early, had lots of food and many happy people, included games and activities, and we all departed at a "sensible" hour.

Our friends who hosted it are truly just that, friends. So what if they also have beautified our landscaping, taking our ideas and making them real? They were friends first and will be friends last.

The next day I thought. Sundays are often good thinking days for many reasons. I focused on the success of the party. Guests were varied in about every description. It was that observation which led me to realizing how safe they make us all feel.

Remember when you were a kid there was always one house that kids went to to play because, well, you could be a kid there? Each of us has our own reason why we liked that house. Really we liked the people in it. We could cut loose, be ourselves, play hard at tag, get glue on the table, sing along to Conway Twitty at the top of our lungs, holler at cars out the upstairs window, sneak a fresh-from-the-oven cookie. Or two.

That's how I felt about our friends and their house. Safe. Being comfortable. Welcomed. Thankful.

Gosh, I hope they do it again.

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