Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

There's water standing on water

This October just set a record for the rainiest October since rain recordkeeping started in IL. A moment of silence is in order, perhaps? Not. Going outside tonight, accompanying the pansy dogs who suddenly don't want to get their tootsies wet and their hair messed, I notice that our former moat has returned temporarily. There is so much water it has nowhere to go. Really.
As if water outside wasn't enough we had an, ah-hem, ordeal, with our indoor water purifying system. It was simple, at first. Our "technician" arrived last Friday. Gee, haven't we known him for a lifetime? Well, he tackled the drip, aka leak, with gusto and a tool or two. I think Ed mentioned the servicable paperclip. Frankly, who can argue against that? Certainly not anyone who has had to pop open a CD or DVD slot on a computer. I digress.
In an effort to address customer service, "D" decided to check the tank component, which he found to be in need of attention. We were reminded there was nothing we should be doing. So he went about cleaning it up. That included jamming another tool through the membrane of the tank. He left. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt...he had no clue.
Alas, our little 15 year old Abner, long-term foster dog, residing in the usual quiet of the utility room, was gathering laundry lint and plastic bags to build a floation device for he-of-short-stature had a sense of pending doom. Water, water, everywhere. We mopped, wiped, soaked up, and won the water fight. Abner was grateful.
Inbetween squeezing the towels out we were calling the establishment. We got the owner's ph # at 10:41 p.m. Sat. A little late to call.
But we thought about it. Instead, civility reigned and we called the next day. Ed was hoping he'd actually spoken to someone other than the owner. In other words, he was not impressed.
Monday arrived. The tech returned, replacement tank in tow. It's almost snap-in so it didn't take long and he was on his way after checking the sink for the thumping sound that had emerged since Friday. He shook things around. The sound disappeared. So did he.
Tuesday we decided to have a life. That is, in spite of, yes, water under the sink. Without a soul to be found at the place of business there was a slim chance that anyone would be servicing the system that day so the poor admin asst had to take a message that we expected someone to be at our home pronto on Wednesday.
Are you keeping track? We anticpated visit #3. "D" came and went all within fifteen minutes. He was filled with, oh, generously speaking, explanations.
It's Thursday night. Inside we are dry. Those aforementioned pansy dogs are glad for that and glad that they can return to concentrating on developing strong cases of cabin fever.
As is so often said when there is this much rain, thank God it's not snow.

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