Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009

Fall In Place

We're building up for an annual celebration in our neck of the woods. Next week will be Halloween but this year its significance extends beyond the edible treat. We change the clocks; we fall back. For me it means my car clock will once again be set on the right time.

It's not that I can't change the time. I can change it to show 24 hours or two sets of 12 hours. In other words sometimes 3 p.m. is 15:00 and other times it is 3 p.m. What I can't do is change it minute to minute or hour to hour. Even using the book I can't do it. Watching the technicians do it makes it seem easy. Once I took the car in for a check-up and asked that they "re-set" the time while they were doing whatever it was, since it was time to gain or lose an hour. I always tell myself I'll remember what they did. Months later, not so true.

I adjust. It's really pretty easy for me to get along with the wrong hour showing part of the year. I make allowances.

Perhaps the engineer/designer knew about people like me. They allow a simple button push to hide the time and show something more vital, such as the outside temp or how many miles you have left in the gas tank, at the rate being driven.

We shouldn't be so obsessed with time anyway.

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