Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

Tids and Bits

My cousin sent me an article about making a tripod with a string,...G. Ooops, does that make it X rated, using string and G together?

Eva/Mom is UP in a wheelchair and has done a therapy session. She feels obligated to do that and she's going to complain the entire time. Good for her we say. She has already surprised us with the turnaround she's experienced.

Our geographical area is soaking wet. Who elsewhere needs water!?

Is anyone else relieved that the primaries are over? Do we need to tell Hillary cuz she didn't seem to get the memo. All sorts of options are being batted about - she wants Mr. O to pay off her campaign debts with his campaign surplus; she wants him to support her friends who are struggling with re-election; she wants something more than Sec'y Health (Education and Welfare - are they still lumped together?)...on and on. I'll admit she's admirable, if for no other reason than her persistence. One side of me says she's the bigger person for forgiving Bill's indiscretions but the real me says, she should have drop kicked him out of the Oval Office when she had a chance. Is it good that she lived through that and came out smiling? Does it show strength, fortitude, courage? Or, is she savvy enough to hang on for the political plums, screw the rest of it/them? And, what about darling Chelsea? Is it in the Clinton long term plan to launch her political career soon so she will have her chance at the presidency someday? Count on it.

All the pundits and news puppets are right - there is a heckuva big difference in delivery between McCain and Obama. Americans need to look at what the message is. Like that is going to ever happen. Aren't we all more and more ADD each day? If we cannot tell if McCain is awake we won't even try to understand him. If we are swept into Obama's arms by the surrounding enthusiasts won't we go along with it? I'm stuck. I'm not certain I can support a national health care plan to cover people who are too inconvenienced to take better care of themselves and would rather whine about it and let those of us who do make an effort pay their way too. I can understand some of it and gosh knows I hate my ascending premiums. But, aren't we supposed to be responsible for our own selves and well-being? Isn't there some sense of personal commitment? At the same time, who wants Iraq to be sucking the air out of our tires for another 100 years?

Face it, this is more of a beauty contest than ever before. We can only hope that the candidates recruit damned good staffers and fill the appointed posts with terrific, experienced, diverse, and patriotic people.

...it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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