Selasa, 17 Juni 2008

(Road) Tripping, part one

Just returned from an abbreviated vacation, leaving the new dry creek bed, well...not so dry. We were grateful we put this in when we did for it did help move the water out of our yard.

Heading towards North Carolina I made few but spectacular stops. Decided to spend the night at Kentucky state park, Pine Mountain - I think! This is the view from one of the pullouts as I was leaving the next morning.

There was a stop at Bean Station which is one of the first settlements in Tennessee. This was a warpath for the Cherokee and apparently there was/is
a famous Bean Station Tavern,
in front of Bean Fort.
The tavern was loved by Union and Confederate soldiers for when the Civil War was fought it was protected.

Then there is The Chimney Tops...This is an image of the creek running in the lower part of a 4700 ascent to the summit. Yes, I made the climb! That shot and follow in another blog!!!!

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