Rabu, 25 Juni 2008


Email does is not my life. I do not obsess about it. But when it isn't available and is being paid for and I would find it a useful communications tool, well then, I would like it to be ON. Hughes, bless their hearts, is now on the second attempt in upgrading their email. Something must have gone wrong,as it did last time. Hopefully they will restore the old way ASAP. Like I said, bless their hearts.

Hightlights? See for yourself.
The new hot water heater is being installed as I write.
Ed has gone to Grafton to sand bag. Must be something he did when he was in sales and he misses it. I never could get the hang of it. Oh, different sand bags...
I have a typical day planned: clean, racquetball, visit, errands.
Rain is on the way. Those folks living near the Mighty Mississippi are getting a workout.

There is, once again, too much stuff in this house. How does that happen? I'm loading it up and it goes out the door - one time. I thought we had it bad with parental households to empty but a friend indicated she had to go through something like 7-9 households, sort, pitch, give away, place in another family member's house, keep. In some cases all I want is to know someone will use the stuff for something other than landfill.

Of course, there is one thing I'm looking for; I had it on my trip, brought it home and washed it. Now it cannot be found. My Tilly hat. Fortunately I know the rule: Stop looking for it and it will show up. uh-huh.

Life is like that though. Stop looking for it and it will show up, whatever it is, just as it should, according to The Plan.

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