Selasa, 24 Juni 2008

Just Another Day

A new commitment - get rid of dated paper. The first stop was the desk and the dreaded task of sort, toss, file. How I hate that. The biggest pile is the 30+ years of poems I have written and the problem is that there are multiple copies of some and they are not in any order these days. Once they were. So I'm deciding - chuck 'em all and forget about them or load them onto the PC and save them to a CD then burn the paper. I'm REALLY leaning towards the first choice; who's going to want these when it is time to clean this house out? Not me! Let me lighten the load now!

Maybe I'll have a little celebration. Why not? It's momentous to clear the clutter, especially when what is being disposed of could be very telling. Lots of history resides between the lines if not right on them! I feel better about getting rid of them already. Be right back.

DONE. Voila'. No regrets. Clean slate.

What's next? Maybe the hot water heater manual. The hot water heater itself has bellied up and is being replaced Wednesday.

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