Minggu, 30 Maret 2008

Random Points of Light

My friend Anne has a link on the right here. Go vote for the Easter egg(s) of your choice. What a hoot. She's a true inspiration. I think that at our house I will let the dogs have a contest, most creative "leave behind" in the yard. Obviously I've been spending too much time outside, WAITING for CONTRIBUTIONS. It does give one time to think about stuff.

Whiplash, topically, that is. We had a great sermon @ church again. Don't know about any of you but without worship the week just ain't done.

All right, it's movie recommendation time. This one will be tough to hunt down but do it. "After the Wedding". It's in Danish, and a few other languages, but it is beautifully filmed and the complexities of the plot actually are presented in a straightforward manner. If anyone likes the new James Bond actor one main character in this is cut from the same mold. The 40 something woman is gorgeous. I digress. The story, which is the reason for the film, is strikingly moving, touches your heart and eats at your soul as well as your conscience. The cinematic contribution is extraordinary in places, very intimate at times. It's a long film so make plenty of popcorn.

We had one of our foster dogs for spring break, while her family vacationed. Everyone welcomed her back gleefully. Never think dogs don't remember. It's just selective. She was picked up and taken home this afternoon so now no one is eating. They are bummed.

Speaking of dogs, we've had a run on runaways in this area. Plus, there seems to be more short tempers flaring in multiple dog homes. What's that about? Dogs always seem to know what is going on before we do so I hope this is fluke-ish rather than indicative of our future! Doomsday ready, I am not!!!

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