Jumat, 04 April 2008

Gratitude Day

How blessed are you? No doubt you have some amazing friends. Be astonished at what they accomplish! It's not the stuff they have or you have. It's not the places any of you have visited. It's what resides in your heart and inspires you and your friends that keep you together, keep you appreciative.
There is much to question these days but stability should be recognized also. We are called upon to combine trips so we spend less on fuel. Going "Green" is getting its long overdue recognition. I'm not talking about extremes but simple, logical and practical measures. Good grief, this is where we live and we should take care of it. I digress.
Today, be grateful for your friends. Need inspiration about how to discover their wonders? Read on.
I've linked up with a previous business acquaintance, thanks to Animal Protective League. We've only done a couple of things that are related and really not worked together. However, in emailing, she has revealed to me a ministry she has created.
Boldly she states she is a Christian first and an animal-lover second. She declares she cares deeply about where people spend eternity. WOW. Now, here it comes - she is not very good talking to people about it. Who among us agrees so far? (me, for sure).
God has given her the grace she needs to bring it all together. She and volunteers are taking pets/animals to lost and lonely people for visits. During the time together they talk about God creating and caring for all critters. The benefits run deep. The animals have an outing that helps socialize them and keep them happy, the visited person has company, gets to cuddle a critter, hears the message, and the volunteer is blessed beyond belief.
You just never know what your friends are up to...and I mean that in terms of what they are doing and what they are capable of doing.
Go find out.

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