Selasa, 04 Maret 2008

Junior High School

These past few days of listening to the "women's movement" leaders harangue the rest of us, who often are already liberated, about not voting for HRC because she is a female, has taken me back to Jefferson Junior High. Most of us recall it was the beginning of real groups of girls, linked together, books slung on hips or backs, arms intertwined (we could do that then without criticism or concern), whispering about boys. Has NOTHING changed? These ladies, if it is safe to call them that, are stuck in time and habits. Instead of English Literature and American History they strap on notebooks or laptops with rhetoric stored. And, they don't whisper publicly, they yammer.

Come on, women. Don't vote for someone because he or she is one sex or the other. Vote for stability and ability. Regard for potential is what we must consider for no one candidate has yet been tested as President. Bragger's rights may go to one candidate and the victory to another. So be it. When the new President steps into a meeting room with foreign dignitaries and non-dignitaries, or with non-foreign dignitaries or no-dignitaries (that's about everyone except the UFO passengers) we don't want that person to recite a litany of "I did, I have, I was..." but instead to discuss what will hold this world together longer.

It ain't about the outfit. It ain't about the grades, the boyfriend (husband), house, friends, hair, jewelry, books written, clubs, secrets kept or told...It ain't Junior High. Change was a big player in that age group and change is mentioned in the 2008 campaign. Make sure it's not the same kind of change. Voting is a brain thing. Use yours.

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