Kamis, 20 Maret 2008

Photo Gallery

Since I have the spare time right now I've dug out a few other photos to engage your imaginations. I wish I took my camera everywhere I go but I have to admit I don't. The photo of the butterflies was taken in our yard.

The two girls were in a nearby town at a festival.

The demolition shot was in Biloxi, MS, while on a break during a mission trip. We worked on several home projects for elderly and distraught people. You get dirty. You learn you have always set your own limits and therefore underestimated yourself, especially in God's eyes. But He always offers more chances for you to wake up to your capabilities!

Mission trips have a way of bringing new understanding. But, then, so do butterflies gathered on a cone flower on a summer's day, and small, giddy children, anticipating the excitement of what's next at a small town festival.

We should take time to be amazed by the small things more often.

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