Minggu, 23 Maret 2008

Easter Hodge Podge

Happy Easter to everyone!

We're getting snow. Very funny, God! I think Christmas was a lot like this. Well, it's not enough to stop people from going to church and on to dinner, or even the mall. Nothing stops people from going to the mall, who am I kidding? We went to the 5:30 service last night so that families with guests would have more room today.

Update on missing pooch - I know you're all tired of me going on about lost little Sally but get over it. She needs to be captured. And, if you'd all pray hard for that I'd be done with the story!!!! Last night she was spotted crossing the road at her usual fast trot pace and that was encouraging for her owners. They went back home and re-baited the live trap. Sometime between 1:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. the trap was cleaned out of food but the gate was not tripped. Sally had been captured in a live trap before (during her stint as a wild, unloved, uncared for dog). We're hoping she just got lucky and missed stepping on the closing device and will realize now that there is good food there and she will return. One of our dogs went down on Friday and "laid her scent" making a trail back to the house. Now Sally knows her way even more so we have to all believe she will soon return and be captured!

Next week I teach in our small group - about the mind sciences. YIPES. Thank goodness for Google. I can probably get a lot on Christian Science, Unity School of Christianity and United Church of Religious Science. We've learned a lot about the other religions and cults - WORLD RELIGIONS & CULTS 101 by Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz. It's good to be informed.

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