Selasa, 21 September 2010

WHOOSH! Lady exits the house but stays in the neighborhood

Just when we thought she MIGHT be staying, Lady got a wonderful home about a mile from us. She'll live with Rocky, who looks like our Tripp, and two humans, have a similar home to ours and loads of love! We're moping around a bit but it was really "right" and we're delighted for her. They were waiting for a dog to come along and thanks to our vet clinic - there was Lady!

Now, for another awesome dog who has been pulled from the local animal control facility and placed in a foster home for adoption - Dakota! She's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, age 2, housebroken, friendly as all get-out, and calm when she should be but energetic when she can't help herself! I had her at an adoption recently and was blessed to spend the day with her. She deserves the best. We cannot have her here as she's most likely an alpha - our Harmony Victoria has that slot all to herself. But, wow, she'll be a lucky catch for some deserving dog lover.

So it goes - there's always a dog or cat needing a home and never enough humans around to help them find them or to take them. A friend recently told me I chose a tough area for volunteering. Trust me - it is tearful at times but those tears are both for loss and for joy. I wouldn't trade it, ever, for anything. I hope I have a good 10-15 years left in me to do this! Then I'll be content to have pups and kitties visit me and sit on my lap to be socialized while I nap!

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