Minggu, 19 September 2010

So Much For The Kitchen

It's up and running and the more I use it (and am glad to be able to) the more it suits me. In order to acquaint my husband with where things are we play "You're getting warmer..." Eventually he does find what he is looking for and I am able to uncurl myself and stop the giggling.

This will be a bit of a catch-up blog. Life is getting back into the proper order with both of us finding that being able to move from room to room without knocking into dishes or jars of food (we had 12 jars of beets) makes life together more agreeable. In turn that means we do more that needs to be done so we're out and about more. Would I do the kitchen thing over again? No. I might have done new countertops and an appliance or two but no, not the entire thing. Would I use the same people and would I recommend them? Yes, but. Yes, but I would want to shop local for the countertops. Am I glad it's over? Yes, of course.

On to the wonders of life though! This is a blog about pets, and wannabe pets. Let me return to and stick to the topic.

The week has been remarkable, nothing less. An email arrived from a friend in a town a few miles away. Her cousin, another few miles away, had taken a young, female Lab away from the neighbor's property, not away from the neighbor but away from the property, because the neighbor had moved. Circumstances had recently changed. NOTE: "recently" is not 3 years - the actual time the dog had been ignored. He must have forgotten he even had a dog you think? No, he was going to come back for her and have her killed. Granted, she has heartworm but whose fault is that? OK, I'll get off his case and on to the remarkable stuff. The email arrived and the cousin and I were connected. I sent out a plea for someone to take the dog. Success came from the people for whom I do transport. They are 2 1/2 hours away. They had checked with a Lab rescue in one of the Chicago area suburbs and that group was willing to take the dog, treat her for heartworm and find her a perfect home. In three days a dog went from not knowing love to being loved by countless individuals. She will live on, happily, and rewarding all of us by celebrating her life fully with whoever becomes hers.

While that was going on, yet another friend, one who I've never met but is a kindred spirit, emailed about a blind kitten. Can you say "Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week" is being kicked off in great fashion? So, he asked about a kitten and I made a call asking that he be called but also told him of another one available soon. That response and reply came more quickly and he fell in love with her when I sent photos. Count little Chastity as "adopted" as she will be spayed this week and come back here, go to Forever Home Feline Ranch for a couple of days while we make the arrangements to get the kitty to her guy. Did I mention the kitten is an hour from me and the guy is six hours? We do what it takes!

Closer to home, right here actually, we have our very own story developing. We have a 6 month old foster, a femail Pointer/Lab mix who is a beauty. Shiny, sleek, completely black, personable...all right I'm inclined to go on and on but it's all true. We would keep her, with our 5 dogs and 5 cats as she is fine with them. The issue is that the chances of her outliving our ability to give her  wonderful life are really good. Hubby is on the edge of leaving the 60's (his decade not the one we all shared) and therefore it will fall more and more on me to do much of the "stuff" that has to be done. Yes, he's fit as a fiddle and that's now. At this point we have to consider 2020-2025. We could take our chances but if we did we would not have a slot open for a "....Less-Adoptable-Pet". So, this little lady is looking for a home to allow us to help others. She should be able to get one easily, once you (yes, you) are past that she is a black dog - they don't adopt out easily - and she's going to be a large girl.

That's her in the pink collar with our Baxter-boy; he's smitten.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. We're hoping she can get a home and we'll help another, soon.

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