Rabu, 08 September 2010

Fall is in the air

This morning I took Lady (loaner pup) and went to the Farmers' Market to do donation dog - dogs asking for donations for the no-kill shelter. I had one sock on inside out. It was not intentional. But once I discovered it I debated whether I should publicly fix that or wait till I got home. I waited. Why worry about a sock problem when there's a beautiful day already underway, friendly folks, gorgeous produce, and a charming puppy begging the money away from good-hearted people?

The 8 week kitchen project is now into week 14 and the little tidbit things that need to be done are lingering. Workers probably don't want to show up just to do one or two oddities. They get paid to do that though so let's get it done. Here are photos:

Well, what do you think? There will be a door there in that dark open space - that's a room back there. We're having a Dutch door made and it's due to be installed, hmmm, last Friday. I am so ready for this to be finished but at least we are "moved in" and using it. You're wondering "where do they sit to eat" and that's about where I am standing to take the middle photo. It's one big, big room - kitchen/dining. We love it. Fall is in the air, apples will be picked, bread will be baking, windows will be open for cool breezes...all is right with the world when you can find blessings everywhere. Look around YOU.

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