Jumat, 24 September 2010


Meet Miss Chastity. Her eyes look different, right? True, they do not match but there's more. She cannot see.
Chastity is a D-O-L-L! And, she has a home now.
No, it's not here; we're at our limit.
But, small world that it is, especially when one participates in animal rescue AND social media...A friend I've never met but have crossed paths with in the world of adoption, foster, transport, etc. has (as it turns out) moved out of state, to Iowa of all places. Well, he saw Chastity's photo after inquiring about special needs kitties. And both he and his fiance' were smitten by the year old kitten.
Here's how it's going so far:
Chastity has been spayed and is up to date on stuff, thanks to Benld Adopt-A-Pet, http://www.benldadoptapet.org/ . I brought her home with me on Thursday. She was going to stay at Forever Home Feline Ranch http://www.felineranch.org/ for a week and a half if need be, but we were able to do a reverse transport http://sites.google.com/site/animalrescuetransport/who-we-are thanks to the Hancock County/Quincy rescue team that runs each week. Her new family will meet her tomorrow and she'll settle in for life.
Right now she's in temporary quarters, sharing space with our cats but kept away from them as they don't appreciate visitors!
If you ever wonder if it makes a difference that you are involved or that you donate or support rescue - look at this sweetie from time to time. You know, had she been turned out on her own, she would have wandered without hope or help. Who knows what would have become of her.
Envision her - safe, happy, cozy - that's how her life will be.
Happy endings do occur in a world where people are connected in ways they never imagined. Think about how you can connect and make a difference. Think about letting one life, one other being, know that they matter. Do it.

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