Rabu, 22 September 2010

Jo gets in the RING @ the Wentachee show

Yes, I know this is a shocker but Jo finally decided to show Bob herself. And as I predicted Bob did much better in the ring with Jo than me. We entered in three events on Saturday in Wenatchee- Beginning Novice Obedience B, Pre-Novice Obedience B and Rally Novice B. Jo showed Bob in the Obedience ring and I showed Bob in the Rally ring, but she is studying the signs and next week will take Bob into the Rally ring as well.

This was a challenging show on two fronts - 1) an outdoor show - need I say more with a beagle and 2) The beagles had had no training or practicing for the last two weeks prior to the show while we were on vacation. Instead they had been on their own vacation at the Hiltz's place having a blast running around playing with all their beagle and whippet friends. I guess Bob took a liking to Abby and Brew thought Sophie was pretty cute.

In the Obedience ring
In Beginning Novice Obedience B, there were 5 dogs. Jo and Bob (#1851) took 2nd place with a score of 193.5 of out 200. Brew (#1852) and I took 3rd place with a score of 191.5. Beginning Novice Obed is basically all on lead except for two variations: on the sit stay you drop the lead and then walk around the whole ring and the recall is off-leash from 25 ft away. Jo had to go out first (although I had ask that they switch us but I guess the stewards forgot to do that). Luckily, Jo had watched the Beg Novice A group so she kinda knew what was going to happen. The judge was very friendly and helpful.

Bob & Jo Beg Novice Obed

Janet & Brew Beg Novice Obedience

The 2nd event was Pre-Novice Obedience - the exercises are all on lead plus group sit and down stays. Before the group exercises, both beagles weren't doing too bad (Bob lost 16 points and Brew lost 8.5 points). Although, I think the beagles were getting tired as their performance was better in the Beg Nov Obed. There were 7 dogs competing in this group.
Bob and Jo got a 124 out of 200. The group exercises were their downfall. Bob hasn't had much experience with these exercises. On both the sit and down stay, he got up so he lost all the points for those exercises (60 of them) and he tends to whine especially in the down because it was 3 mins long. He kept looking at Jo saying are we done yet and where is my treat. I'm suppose to get a treat after every exercise, what is wrong with you people? Brew was great as when Bob got up, he just stayed in place. Go Brew. Brew got 3rd in the Pre-Novice group with a score of 191.5. Hmmm, that score looks familiar, well at least Brew and I are consistent.

Bob & Jo Pre Novice run

Brew & Janet Pre-Novice Part 1

Brew & Janet Pre-Novice Part 2 (camera mulfunction so here is the last exercise)

Rally Rally Rally - not one of our better performances. I didn't get a chance to walkthrough the course before hand as we were in the obedience ring when that was going on. So I studied the course map and then went for it. I was afraid I was going to miss a sign since I didn't get to practice and the beagles were not on their best behavior. Additionally, another dog had peed in the ring so that was another obstacle we had to contend with on the course.

This was Bob's first outdoor show so he was more interested in smelling than paying attention to me as well as looking for Jo - poor sits (really out of position), lagging and the handler messed up the 1,2,3 step sign (too many steps) resulted in score of 78 out of 100.

Brew did much better, he got a 92. However, he was completely distracted as well. At one point, another dog outside of the ring caught his attention and I thought it is all over with now - thank goodness the next sign was a 270 and that got us going in the opposite direction of the distraction. Right at the end of the course, I seem to have gotten his attention back and even managed to cross the pee spot without him sniffing (hooray).

Bob & Janet Rally Novice

Janet & Brew Rally Novice B

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