Selasa, 22 September 2009

Holy Moly - How Time Flies

All right I've been remiss in posting ANYTHING. Keeping up with email has been a challenge - all Animal Protective League related. Geez and Wow. Go figure!

But the amazing story is how time has flown since the Vietnam War. As it turns out, Ed's brother spent 43 years there. Well, that's what our government thinks. See, he's had to contact the administration - a division long in existence - and has been informed that there is no proof he ever returned from Vietnam 42 years ago, having put in his one year of duty there.

Of course we were all surprised, the least of all not him and his wife. Think of the problems that arise. First, the whole marriage and home ownership thing - who's been doing that in his name? But there's more to consider - What if he voted for someone while reportedly not here and it changed the outcome of the election? And then, what if that someone proposed and got passage on a law, just a local one, that, oh, made a $1,000,000 difference in the town's income or expense in the last 4 some decades? Personally, who have we been buying Christmas presents for? Why didn't the government contact his family (us) to find out if we'd heard from him or tell us where they thought he was or that he wasn't back? Do we ask for a DNA test?

Turns out my husband has to write a letter vouching for him, saying how it is he knows that his brother has been back all this time. Lucky for the younger one that his older brother also came back and is known to have come back so he can write the letter.

What do you do if/when this happens? Do you wonder if you're really alive - ask yourself if all that is in your memory bank really happened? Do you tell anyone you owe money to that you can't possibly be in debt to them since you're not here? Do you tell the government you'll be stopping by to collect the backpay for the past 42 years when you were in the jungle?

Sometimes the system works. Sometimes it swallows us up. Sometimes it just makes us laugh.

Welcome home, D. Let us know when the big parade is!

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